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Marketing Strategy Cases

1. Lending Tree is one of the leading online lenders who provide financial services to their customers. The company facilitates various lenders to customers and helps to take financial decision. It deals in auto loans, home loans, FHA loans, home equities, VA loans, etc. Your marketing manager has asked you to recommend two addi

Louis Vuitton Case Study

1. How does an exclusive brand such as LV grow and stay fresh while retaining its cachet? 2. Is the counterfeiting of LV always a negative? Are there any circumstances where it can be seen as having some positive aspects?

Deodorant Marketing Plan to a Youth Demographic

Arimount, a well known name in the personal care industry, desires to launch a deodorant, which will work for up to 5 days, even after bath. The company's research and development department has invented a compound, which will help the deodorant to stay on for up to 5 days. Arimount, a well-known beauty and grooming company, wil

New Technology Implementation

1. For many reasons, small and medium sized businesses are slow to adopt technology to improve their business models. Gives examples of factors that contribute to decisions to delay new technology implementation. 2. What are some other ways we can manage channel conflict between resellers and dealers?

Different Types of Research

How might you use different types of research (focus groups, observation, survey, and experiment) to forecast market reaction to a new kind of disposable baby diaper? Consider that this product is to receive no promotion other than what the retailer will give it, and the product will be offered at a competitive price. Assume the

Goya Foods: Pricing Distribution and Implementation Plan

See the attached file. Pricing, Distribution & Integrated Communication Strategies - Implementation Plan: - Development of Pricing Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus - Development of Distribution Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus - Development of Integrated Communication Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus

6 Steps to Decision Making Over 400 word essay with reference.

John's children have given him $200 to purchase an MP3 player and accessories. Should he buy an iPod or another brand? He begins his decision-making process with a search to determine which MP3 player is best for his needs. John's search may be cursory or complex. It may take a short time or a long time. What factors influence t

Cadillac Advertisement Analysis

Find an advertisement or infomercial on YouTube, broadcast TV, cable, or the Internet for analysis. Common areas of analysis include: Audience analysis: Who is this advert designed to appeal to? How can you tell? What network/channel was it on and why? What time of day was it broadcast? How long was it? Are there demograp

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan: New Belgium Brewing

Case Analysis: New Belgium Brewing Integrated Marketing Communications Plan You are responsible for developing an Integrated Marketing Communications plan for New Belgium Brewing. Begin by reviewing the details of the case - New Belgium Brewing (B) product. Assume that you have taken on the role of Marketing Communicati

Company Policy Addressing Social Media

Social media has become a blessing and a curse. Those that do not know how to message end up turning the message against the brand and the company. As a result, it has now become very important for organizations to properly manage social media. Discuss the importance of social media and marketing including internal branding

Disney as a Business

Read the case study (Disney), found in Chapter 6 on page 178 in your textbook. Answer the two questions at the end of the study (p. 179). Support your answers with a minimum of one source per question, no more than five years old. Your answer to each question should be approximately 400 words.

Nascar: A Branding Success Case Study

I need some ideas to get started on the Nascar case. Marketing Strategy. Ferrell, O. C. 5TH 11 / South-Western Publishing Co.

Consumer Insight

* Discuss how discounting by consumers is related to marketer's use of the cognitive attitude change strategy of "shifting importance." * Give examples of situations where loyal customers might be converted by competing brands. * Discuss how this insight is related to the difficulty marketers have when trying to get co

Segmenting Markets

1. Choose a product or service that you want to market. Show how you analyze the different potential segments and how you choose three segments in which to market this product. 2. Why is "Positioning" important in segmenting? What are three reasons for segmenting a product's offering? 3. You are a deacon in a local non-

Product Placement as a Critical Advertising Tool

- Why is product placement becoming a critical element for advertisers and marketers? - Is the cost of product placement in TV and Movies paying off in the long run? - Determine if one of your recent favorite movies or TV shows has impacted you and/ or your family as a consumer(s).

Canada bests USA in 'brand performance'

New study: Canada bests the USA in 'brand performance' By Jayne Clark, USA TODAY The USA has slipped three notches to No. 4 in an annual ranking of nations with the most favorable brand performance, says a new study. Climbing to the top spot (from No. 2 in 2009) is Canada, thanks in part to its success in hosting this year's

Brand Repositioning - Coco-Cola & Topshop

1. Select an organization that you think should reposition itself in the consumer's eye. Identify where it is currently positioned and make recomendations for repositioning . 2. Choose a familiar clothing store. Describe its product mix, including its depth and width. Evaluate the mix and make suggestions to the owner.

Degrees of Competition

1.What are the four degrees of competition? 2. What are some of the ways that business use the internet to their benefit.

Effective PR Strategies/Optimal Use of Technology in PR

A) What are some effective PR strategies and tactics that are often executed? How do PR strategies fit with overall marketing campaigns? C) How would you recommend the effective and optimal use of technology in a public relations strategy?

Analyzing Environmental Marketing Factors

I need some help with getting started on the following. I need to analyze the environmental marketing factors of exporting an educational toy company to 5 countries (listed below). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a consultant for EduTot, an educational toy company, you have worked with ma

Case Study - Amazon and Gillette

These case study's were taken from Kotler, P. & Keller, K.L. (2012), Marketing Management. The both case studys were attached at the bottom. The questions is at the end of each case studys.

Self Competition's Effect on Branding & Marketing

When market segmentation occurs, new distinct ways to brand existing or new products and services emerge. This emergence could ideally spawn products that have competing features when revealed to differing segment groups. What impact does this self-competition have on branding and marketing? The answer does need to be backed

Walmart Marketing and Branding Strategies

1. Discuss what brand elements would be most useful for differentiating your company's brand from competing brands. 2. In a sentence or two, what is the appropriate positioning for your company's product? 3. What factors will you use to determine your company's strategic group, and what competitive strategy would be most e

Marketing: Creating Need or Want or Information?

A) What are a few campaigns that you've seen recently that you felt were particularly creative and effective? What campaigns have you explored that achieved the desired outcome for the initiative? B) Do you feel that marketing creates need or want for a product? Or, does marketing inform consumers in order to satisfy an exis

Brand Success/Failure

Provide an example of a brand that has resonated extremely well with the public. What are the factors that make a brand successful? b) Provide an example of a brand that failed miserably with the public. What are some of the contributing factors that caused that brand to fail?