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Coca Cola's Internal Business Environment

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I am trying to Write a 3 page paper that describes the internal environmentl in an organization. Thanks for your help.

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The internal environment of an organization encompasses the different factors like its mission statement, culture, and leadership style, which influence an organization's activities, in particular, the behavior of its employees. . The Coca Cola Company, a global beverage company, "owns or licenses and markets more than 500 non-alcoholic beverage brands: (Google Finance, 2013). It is crucial that the company continues to manage its' internal environment in order to continue to maximize sales.
The Coca-Cola Company's mission statement helps to guide its employees by declaring the company's purpose. The mission statement "serves as a standard against which (the company) weighs their actions and decisions" (The Coca Cola Company, 2013). The Coca Cola Company's mission is to "to refresh the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness and to create value and make a difference" (The Coca Cola Company, 2013). Based upon this roadmap, employees understand their need to focus on the product as a source of enjoyment, while at the same time realizing that they have a duty to the communities they serve and the environment in which they operate.
The Coca Cola Company's vision statement helps to give an even clearer idea of the operational culture of the company. In this statement, Coca Cola strives to be "a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be" (The Coca Cola Company, 2013). These are powerful words for a company. Coca Cola is currently the most recognized brand on the plant (CNBC, 2013) and must continue to inspire its employees to maintain this edge. There is a strong need to avoid complacency, particularly since the soda pop company faces stiff competition from Pepsi Cola.
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