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    Environmental Factor Table

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    I need assistance with writing an effective introduction for a paper (Coca Cola) that will consist of the information below. Introduction to the paper is the only thing that is needed.

    After looking briefly at Coca Cola's website on sustainability I have identified several areas:


    My suggestion is we each come up with an activity/product that has a negative affect (we can use the list above.) Complete the matrix for our issue, then write a brief summary, "that details variables you incorporated in your table."

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    "Green" is the new buzzword in both business and individual vocabulary. For business the "green" means more than recycling and using specific products. It is more than the color of money. For business, sustainability is the important green word. Businesses need to balance rules and laws, production, transportation, and packaging to move forward and remain profitable.

    Coca Cola, one of the most identifiable ...

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    The expert examines environmental factor tables.