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    (taken from "BrainMass Legal Terms and Conditions")

    Users are required to pay for responses as soon as they are created. Once an Academic Expert has responded to a posting, the user must log into his/her BrainMass Student Account, purchase Custom Credits (unless previously purchased) and Pick Up the response, thereby delivering the appropriate payment to the Academic Expert.

    Failure to pay for responses (payment default) will be acted on as follows:

    Reminder Email: If a response is not picked up within 12 hours of its creation, the student is sent a reminder email.

    First Warning: Sent 24 hours after response is created if not picked up.

    Second Warning: Sent 48 hours after response is created if not picked up.

    Third Warning: Sent 72 hours after response is created if not picked up. The user account is suspended indefinitely. Any Custom Credits that are on hand in the student's account at the time a Third Warning is issued will be allocated appropriately to the Academic Expert responsible for the response that has been defaulted on.

    Indefinite Suspension

    An indefinite suspension is a suspension of a user's privilege to use the BrainMass site for more than 60 days with no definite reinstatement date. Indefinite suspensions are generally reserved for the more serious or repeated violations of BrainMass rules. Indefinitely suspended users may be reinstated by BrainMass in its sole discretion, though BrainMass may determine at any time that the suspension is permanent. Users who have been indefinitely suspended may not register with BrainMass during the suspension, nor may they use BrainMass' site in any way