Topics in Health and Wellness

According to the World Health Organization, also known as the WHO, the term health refers to a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.1 At the core of health and wellness is Spiritual Health – which is the innermost part of you that tells you who you are and it may help you discover a sense to the meaning of your life. Spiritual Health connects all the health topics together. From there, Spiritual Health can branch out into a variety of health topics such as Social Health, Occupational Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Intellectual Health.

Social Health refers to a state of maintaining healthy and safe relationships. Occupational Health refers to health and safety at the work place. Emotional Health refers to an individual’s emotional well-being, expressing their emotions for meaningful social interactions. Physical Health refers to health as it pertains to our bodies as a physical entity. Intellectual Health refers to our mental wellbeing, whether we can critically think, problem solve as well as creative capability and imagination. All these branches complement our Spiritual Health, which tells us why we are here, how healthy we are or should be, as well as our purpose for living. Although one may not think of these diverse health topics consciously, their impact on human life is inevitable.



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Categories within Topics in Health and Wellness

Stress Management

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Stress Management refers to the techniques and therapies used to control an individual’s level of stress.

Weight Management

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Weight Management refers to a balance of healthy eating and physical activity to reduce body mass.

Health Counseling

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Health Counseling refers to the provision of assistance and guidance to support physical, emotional and mental health.

Mental Health

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Mental illness refers to an anomalous psychological pattern which causes distress or disability.

Nutrition Science

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Nutrition science refers to the study of not only the physiological, but also the metabolic response of the body to an individual’s diet.

Health Promotion

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Health promotion is the process of enabling people to improve their health by increasing control over their personal health.

Achieving a Quality of Care from Providers

I've always contended that there are three critical components to achieving a quality of care from providers. They are collaboration, communication, and coordination among providers and in developing the logistics and operational services. This applies to hospitals, clinics and large practices. Can you see where failure in any o

Cone Beam Technology

I need some help answering questions on cone beam technology: - What is a cone beam? - What is its history - when, where and who? - How is radiation produced? - What are the safety measures for operating the machine? - What types of cancer are treated with that particular treatment machine?

Key Words in Alternative Medicine

Use one word to describe each therapy below (3 words total, one word for each of the three therapies). Explain why you used the word you picked to describe each therapy. 1. Aromatherapy 2. Ayurveda 3. Music Therapy

Chronic Childhood Problem

Chronic Childhood Problem covering the pathophysiology of the illness, nursing management and available Community Resources. The response should also include a reference list. A minimum of three references must be utilized. APA format must also be utilized for the paper. Content: * Provide substantive and relevant deve

Emotional Wellbeing and Happiness

1. Over the last decade our country has undergone many changes to deal with the occurrence of terrorist attacks. Discuss your stress (if any) related to September 11th until now and how you deal with these issues. 2. Many people equate mental and emotional well-being with happiness. If they feel happy, they identify themselve

Pharmaceutical Companies

• After watching the video Denied Affordable Medicine, do you think pharmaceutical companies have a social responsibility to help those in need? Why or why not? Explain your answer, and citation • • Do you think the pharmaceutical companies need to provide medic

Health Outcomes for Tribal Communities in Urban Areas

The government pays for or directly provides for more than 50% of all health care services in the U.S. through military/VA, Medicare/Medicaid (CMS), Indian Health Services (IHS) and other programs/facilities. Pick a specific government program or provider from readings Discuss the services provided. Then differentiate the e


Search the AHIMA Body of Knowledge for articles written in the past two years on the coding function. Do you see any trends in the types of articles being written? For example, is there an emphasis on technology support for the coding function? Is there an emphasis on the need for quality of coded data? Any help would be appr

Scope of Practice Publishing

Why do you think it is important to have something like the Scope of Practice published? What events do you think led to the publication?

Health Care Performance Measures

Provide examples of performance measures experienced throughout a health care career. Were these successful? Why or why not? Would these performance measures be a useful tool for leaders in health care? Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Thank you

Creating an executive audience presentation

Hi, I need your help with my attached project. I have written the theoretical paper but I have to transform the entire paper into a presentation that can be given to an executive audience. Thank you.

Blanket Exclusion

Discuss the following: What does the phrase 'blanket exclusion' mean?

Importance of HealthCare to our Society

Discuss the ways that health can be conceptualized by a society. What are the determinants of health in humans? What is the connection between how a society defines health and how it pursues health? Has increased access to technology changed that perception over the last decade? Discuss the connection between healt

Wound Irrigation

For my assignment I need to read the following article on wound irrigation, the link is: I need help writing a synopsis on the overview of wound irrigation.

Employee retention in Saudi Arabian hospitals

My dissertation talks about turnover intention among nurses and the retention efforts of the hospitals in Saudi Arabia for their nursing staff. Main Question : What strategies do Saudi Arabian hospitals use to manage nurses retention? Objectives of study : To find out how the demographic characteristics of healthcare wo

Development of U.S. healthcare facilities

Hi. Can you give me some guidelines as to how to answer this question ? Describe the development of U.S. healthcare facilities in the 20th and early 21st centuries. What have been the major developments and primary drivers of change in U.S. healthcare facilities over the past one hundred years?

Operating margin

Operating Margin A pediatric unit has the following revenues for the last two months of the quarter: April $6,325,000 May $4,875,000 It also has the following expenses: April $1,250,000 May $785,000 Define and calculate the operating margin for each month.

Antibiotic Therapy and Resistance

Search the internet and watch a videoclip relating to antibiotic therapy. Examples may include antibiotic resistance, pre-operative prophylactic antibiotics or others. Write a synopsis on the videoclip you watched.

Herapin as a High-Alert Medication

Discuss why heparin is identified as a high-alert medication by the Institute for Safe Medical Practice. You must search the internet, find a case with a bad outcome as a result of a medication error involving heparin, and write a synopsis about the case. Include how this error could have been prevented.

Hospital Services

What are some advantages and disadvantages of the Fee-for-service, Per diem, Capitation and the DRG-based payment systems on cost containment and provider behavior?

Adverse Health Effects due to Environmental Pollution

How does environmental pollution result in adverse health effects for individuals and communities? Cite examples of ways that environmental pollution may be combatted using primary, secondary, and tertiary methods of prevention.

Health Information Management

Imagine you are a software developer/inventor. For purposes of this discussion, there are no boundaries. Explain your invention thoroughly (features, costs, training needed to operate, and hardware requirements) and then outline its benefits to the health information system, and its benefits to patients as well.

Electronic Healthcare Record Value

Value is the combination of quality and costs. Do you think the EHR's have value? Why or Why not? Provide support to the question. Thank you

Evaluating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

You will want to examine 5-7 initiatives associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and analyze the implications that they may have on designing and planning health information systems for the future. Evaluate the challenges associated with each trend and ways to overcome them. Include an assessment of th

Evaluating Existing Research Methodologies

In this question you will evaluate existing methodologies. Evaluate the methodology used to conduct the research in the below articles (see below). How has this problem or question been studied in the past? in your opinion , What methodology would be most useful in addressing this research problem or question,why? Asc