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    Blood Groups and Rh Factor

    Explain the different blood groups in humans by preparing a chart showing the antigen-antibody reactions. Discuss the significance of Rh factor in blood transfusion. Explain how Rh incompatibility can lead to erythroblastosis fetalis. Discuss erythroblastosis fetalis signs and treatment.

    Case Study: Lymph and Leukemia Disorders

    A 6-year-old boy has a recurrent cough and sore throat. The pediatrician notices some bruises on the arms and legs. The doctor orders blood tests, and gives the boy some antibiotics. The blood tests reveal an increased lymphocyte count. What is the possible diagnosis? What would be the next investigation? What would be

    Cancer Diagnosis

    A 40-year-old woman noticed a lump in her left breast during a self-exam. She had not noticed this before, and it remained for a few days. She went to her physician for an examination. The doctor prescribed several tests such as an ultrasound and needle biopsy. She is diagnosed with a malignant tumor (2 cm) of the left breast. H

    Improper Trash Disposal

    Discuss what may constitute improper trash disposal practices. Then, describe some human health problems that trash may lead to if improperly disposed of in the community of Hawaii, and in the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake or tornado.

    Health Care Organizations and Financial Ratios

    To analyze health care organizations, many authorities use financial ratios such as current ratio, quick ratio, days of cash on hand, accounts receivable days, debt service coverage, liabilities to net worth (or liabilities to equity), operating margin, and return on investment. What is the value of these eight ratios to health

    Dealing with Grief in Healthcare

    A) Where would you go for resources in helping a patient deal with his or her grief? Why would you choose that source and how much help do you think you would get? Would it be best to refer the patient to other sources/resources, and how would you help them to identify these possible resources? B) What is the best thing to do

    Trend in American Medicine: Hospitalists

    There is a major new trend in American medicine an entire new professional physician group known as "hospitalists." Currently the American public has a very poor understanding of what a hospitalist is and what role he or she performs in patient care. Describe the role of the hospitalist today, and discuss some trends in this

    Implementing a sex education program for minority teens

    Health disparities exist throughout the United States. What are some ideas for reaching out into the community and implementing a sex education program to reduce STDs and unwanted pregnancies for a population of minority teens?

    HIM Department: Quality Improvement

    What quality improvement tool would you use to identify possible reasons for the increase in complaints about the HIM department? What quality improvement tool would you use to gather information to confirm the reasons for the complaints about the HIM department?

    Spirituality in Health Care

    Recognizing being a health care provider as a ministry of service, what are ways a health care provider can prepare to address spirituality in health situations for each of the following groups? a) Oneself b) One's patient c) The patient's family d) One's colleagues

    Spirituality in Health Care

    Topic: Foundations of Spirituality in Health Care Objectives: Define spirituality and explore its role in health care. Identify regulatory and professional standards of practice for meeting the spiritual needs of patients. Determine concepts common to all spirituality and ways in which holistic health care relates to spir

    Informed consents in research

    What are your thoughts on the informed consent process? Why are informed consents so important to the world of research? Are they really that necessary?

    Sales Position Types

    What type of sales position would you recommend for: (a) a four-person gastroenterology practice that wants to maintain strong ties to its primary care referral physicians, (b) an MCO trying to penetrate a new market and have its plan offered as an option to employees within any local company, and (c) a health care data manageme

    Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

    The director of a cardiac rehabilitation program was recently approached by a sales representative from the community newspaper selling advertising space. The sales rep underscored the fact that the paper had the largest circulation of any of the three papers services the area, and it had the lowest cost per-thousand. Before dec

    Designing Marketing Materials for a Social Program

    How would you design marketing materials for a social program such as STD prevention as opposed to designing marketing materials for elective plastic surgery? What are the similarities and differences?

    Logic model

    Overview : The use of the logic model for program evaluation. Proponents of this method favor this model because it encourages systematic thinking and planning. Because this approach requires input at the planning, implementation, and evaluation stages, it provides a focus and consistency throughout all phases of the public heal

    Data collection

    The results of program evaluation can often determine whether a program will continue to receive funding, attract new resources, or fail to be supported. For these evaluation results to be convincing, however, they must be based on data and collection methods that are valid and reliable. For this Discussion, I am required to fin


    Maryland Tobacco prevention and cessation program QUESTIONS 1.) Describe, in general, when a sample would be needed as a part of an evaluation. When would you want to use a probability sample? When would a nonprobability sample be appropriate? 2.) Think specifically about the Maryland Tobacco prevention and cessation progra

    community nursing

    Describe the type of data of health belief model that is available at local, state, national, or international levels, including if there are data gaps, includes two data points.

    Responsibilities and liabilities

    Mr. Roland Jones, a patient of Dr. Reed Simon, has a history of mental illness. Mr. Jones is taking Depakote (medication for bipolar patients), but was hospitalized because he has been having increased symptoms of hallucinations and convulsions. Mr. Jones has no known family, at least in the area, and insists on going home becau