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    Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

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    The director of a cardiac rehabilitation program was recently approached by a sales representative from the community newspaper selling advertising space. The sales rep underscored the fact that the paper had the largest circulation of any of the three papers services the area, and it had the lowest cost per-thousand. Before deciding to use this medium, what other factors should the program director consider?

    I need help with 200 to 300 words plus references, please.

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    The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center needs to look at the current referrals to the programs. If this is a big center and can handle additional referrals, potential clients may want to know by this additional means of advertising so they can suggest this to their physician. Most rehabilitation programs are by referral and not by ...

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    This solution of 413 words discusses factors to consider before using an advertising space to advertise a rehabilitation program. References used are included.