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A simple C++ CARDIAC simulator

Write the worst CARDIAC simulator of all time (in C++) that tells the user how to execute only a single instruction typed as a 3 digit number by the user.

The user should be prompted to type in a 3 digit number. Then print to the screen whatever the CARDIAC Instruction Decoder box would show had that been the instruction. Below are 2 example runs of such a program.

Enter a 3 digit CARDIAC instruction: 493
Shift accumulator left 9 digits, then right 3 digits

Enter a 3 digit CARDIAC instruction: 265
Add the contents of cell 65 to the accumulator

Operation codes are as follows:
Code Abbreviation Meaning
0 INP Copy input to memory.
1 CLA Copy memory to accumulator.
2 ADD Add memory to accumulator.
3 TAC Move bug if accumulator < 0.
4 SFT Shift accumulator left then right.
5 OUT Copy memory to output.
6 STO Copy accumulator to memory.
7 SUB Subtract memory from accumulator.
8 JMP Backup bug to 99 then move bug.
9 HRS move bug and stop computing.

Code must use if statements. Do not use loops and arrays.

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The key to this solution is splitting up the instruction that the user entered into the various parts. This is done using the / and % operators. The / operator does integer division. That is, it divides the two numbers and then throws the remainder away. So the result of 3/2 is 1. We can use this feature ...

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This solutions shows how to implement a very simple CARDIAC machine simulator. It demonstrates the basic principles of using integer arithmetic to parse an integer command which is common in machine simulators.