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    Relative Speed of Ripple Carry Adders

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    Calculate the relative speed of a 64-bit adder using ripple carry only, a ripple carry of 4-bit groups that use carry lookahead, and a ripple carry of 16-bit groups that use carry lookahead. Use the simulator located at the following url:

    Also explain, what is relative speed and how is it calculated?

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    Let us take a slightly different example to understand the notion of relative speed. If A walks at 4 Km/hr and B walks at 6 Km/hr, then relative speed of A with respect to B will be 4/6 and B's speed relative to A will be 6/4.

    The problem is simply asking us to use the mentioned simulator and compare the time taken by different adders (adder configurations) to ...

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    The solution explains the notion of "relative speed" with an intuitive example. Additionally it discusses the things that govern the produced timings.