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    Computer Science

    Computer Science is the body of knowledge surrounding the theory and applications of computation. Computer Scientists will study the theory behind computing and develop frameworks that can be applied to practical problems. Different branches of Computer Science can be more theoretical, like Computational Complexity Theory, or very practical research like Graphics.

    Computer used to refer to a person who would calculate complex mathematical equations to a high degree of accuracy. As technology progressed, machines like calculators were invented to aid the computers in their task. As technology progressed the machines being constructed became more adept at doing the calculation, so they became the new computers. It was very quickly discovered that these computers could do much more than their human counterparts, and computer science as a discipline came into existence as more applications were developed.

    Although computer science is a very new concept, it has very quickly grown into a huge body of knowledge. There are a number of different fields of study within computer science that have made contributions to global society. We call the current age the “information age” because of how important computers have become in our society, and computer science is quickly becoming a vital part of our lives.

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    The visual side of computing, often for user interfaces. Flash and OpenGL are the most popular choices.

    Web Design

    Solutions: 280

    Designing the look of websites requires knowledge of HTML(5) and CSS. For functionality, look up Javascript, PHP and SQL under software development programming languages.