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    In the United States, mandatory primary education became a requirement in 1918. This was relatively late in comparison with the rest of the world. Regardless though of where you lived, primary education became mandatory sometime after 1775.¹ It is definitely notable that in the 250 years since then - a relatively small portion of human history since the agricultural revolution - we have seen the most invention, innovation and discovery in all of human history.¹ Water purification, antibiotics, space exploration, the internet and a stunning increase in life expectancy have all been an indirect result of an educated human race.¹

    With this in mind, it is indisputable that education matters. A educated base has been a driving force behind all of human achievement in the last 250 years. This grave importance is why the field of Education has become a legitimate area of inquiry.¹ In the last few decades, the field has evolved into a multidisciplinary framework, with contributions from philosophy, history, sociology and psychology.¹ Many academics have realized the importance of publicly accessible education operating as effectively and in as widespread of a manner as possible.

    BrainMass understands the multidisciplinary nature of the study of Education and has sections from several disciplines. These include the Philosophy of Education and Sociology of Education.¹ There are also sections concerning different forms of formal education; including homeschooling, public school, post secondary and private schooling.¹



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    BrainMass Categories within Education

    Health & Safety

    Solutions: 71

    Health and safety is a vital part of any educational environment. This includes promoting general classroom safety or enforcing laboratory rules.


    Philosophy of Education

    Solutions: 186

    Philosophy finds its roots in education in the works of Aristotle and Plato.

    Sociology of Education

    Solutions: 100

    The important relationship between society and education is indisputable.


    Educational Leadership

    Solutions: 27

    Includes studies in Educational Administration, from Human Resources to budgeting.