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    Creative Writing

    Creative writing is a broad term which encompasses any writing of original composition. Essentially it refers to writing which remains outside the boundary of professional or academic forms of literature, such as journalistic articles or scientific reviews.¹ Although there are no specific tropes or writing styles which are specifically associated with creative writing, there is a high prevalence of writing which emphasizes narrative craft and character development. In this sense, creative writing, unlike other forms of literature is more process-oriented: it does not follow the writing process of reporting facts, but rather it focuses on the individual’s imagination of creating original content and style within their literature.¹

    Creative writing is usually fictional, usually in the form of novels, poetry and even short stories.¹ However, it can also delve into the realm of non-fiction, such as biographies – the distinction here is that they must be factually accurate, but are written more in attention to literary style. Although, creative writing has been dominated traditionally by fictional writing, creative non-fiction is a relatively young field which is beginning to grow and develop in contemporary literature.¹

    Creative writing has been emphasized in the academic setting, where poetry and creative writing classes focus on writing original content, with the use of an original literary style. Thus, it can be seen that creative writing is an important skill to learn, as it allows the proper expression of an individual in the form of writing.¹



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