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Health Care Ethics

Healthcare Ethics, which also encompasses Medical Ethics, is a system of moral principles that apply values to the practice of health care delivery. Since ethics is relevant to all aspects of health care, all professionals in this field, including doctors, nurses and researchers must undergo training programs in the theories and principles of healthcare ethics.

Ethics are extremely important in health care, but also in general as it gives one a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. Thus, as a nurse, having a strong sense of ethics will provide guidance for what should or shoudn't be done at the hospital, helping determine one's priorities. 

Looking at the example of nurses again, they frequently have to make very difficult decisions for which there is not always an absolute answer. It is hardly ever ‘black’ or ‘white’ – for example, issues such as when a patient should be discharged, or when a patient can manage his or her own medication safely. These situations represent the more complex issues in the area of ethics. Much simpler ethical considerations include respecting people, treating people with dignity as well supporting patient’s choices. Thus, it can be seen that ethics is both an integral and necessary component of health care delivery. 

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Categories within Health Care Ethics

Ethical Issues

Postings: 159

Ethical issues in healthcare refer to problems or situations that require an ethical evaluation by a healthcare practitioner.

Private Healthcare

Postings: 2

Private healthcare refers to healthcare provided by a non-government entity.

Public Healthcare

Postings: 65

Public healthcare refers to healthcare provided by the government.

Professional Ethics

Postings: 21

Professional ethics within the health system refers to a set of moral principles which apply to the practice of health care delivery.

Ethics Case

Case Summary: Matilda is a 68 YO female, whose husband died of advanced lung cancer 3 years ago. Her husband had a very difficult death with pain and shortness of breath. Matilda presents with a left breast mass on exam, CT reveals a 5cm brain mass and metastatic lesions to C3/C4 vertebrae. Matilda states that she does not

Ethics and human research subjects

Question: 1 Describe a historical event that has shaped current guidelines and regulations for the ethical conduct of epidemiologic research with human subjects. Question: 2 What is the Belmont Report and when conducting research using human subjects, is a consent form required in research involving no more than minimal ris

Health Research Methodology Solution

Select a minimum of three types of health research methodology. Describe how each collects and evaluates research data and provide an example of how this type of research was used. Explain what researchers conducting studies with human subjects must do to protect their participants and why.

Ethics and healthcare administration

The major code of ethics for your practice as a HCA was developed through the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Many HCAs are "bicodal," meaning members of clinical professions as well as being HCAs. Visit ACHE website at www.ache.org. Contrast and compare the key features of the ACHE Code of Ethics to one of the

Moral Courage and the Administrator's Responsibilities

Discussion Take the ACHE Ethics Self-Assessment http://www.ache.org/newclub/CAREER/ethself.cfm Bring to mind the kind of organization for which you hope to work as an administrator. To whom would you be responsible-for example, to patients, the governing board, the Joint Commission, the CEO, the staff, the community, your own

Palliative Care for Latino Patients and Their Families

1) identify the cultural/ethnic you have selected. 2)summarize significant findings about this group that inform attitudes and preferences around end-of-life care (e,g., inform consent, life support, advance directives, communication styles, and/or decision making, etc.), and cite your sources of information. 3) what are

Case on a diabetic man with no advance directives

what is the legal and ethical issues around patient capacity and the surrogate decision making. The patient refuses surgery and surrogate daughter want everything done. The social worker think the daughter is afraid of an elder-neglect investigation if the father dies. Review Appelbaum, P.S. (2007). Assessment of patients' co

Health Care Access for the Homeless

- Describe a specific issue related to health care access or policy with respect to a particular ethnic or socioeconomic group. - Explain the potential solutions for this problem. - Identify the pros and cons of the solutions. Argue for or against the solution

Ethics in Child Abuse

The following incident occurred in NJ. Dr. Valerie Adun is examining Alexa James, age fifteen months, who was brought into the urgent care center by her mother, Sheila Washington, and her live-in boyfriend, Lewis Murphy. X-ray results show a fracture of her right tibia (lower leg) and a one to two-week old fracture of her ri

Healthcare ethics

Identify a current topic related to healthcare ethics or legal issue in healthcare. Include supporting literature and documentation at the end of your discussion and provide in-text citations as necessary. Analyze and discuss how this issue may possibly affect your organization. Examples may include news/postings from the Cen

Health Care Ethics - Literature Review

Please provide a literature review that outlines the details of Terri Schiavo and Jahi McMath cases. What were the ethical issues faced by the health care providers in these similar cases?

HeLa cells: a brief history and ethical concerns

Your discoveries while researching the Tuskegee Project might put you in the mind that current medical practices are, for the most part highly ethical and only every now and then would you find a situation in which a health care professional or group has teetered on the edge of unethical behavior. Take a few hours to peruse thr


1. Which of the following would be considered acts of negligence? 1.Patient falls off the examination table 2.Incorrect therapeutic dose of radiation is given 3.Smashing a patient's hand against the wall while transporting 4.Leaving an incoherent patient unattended a.1,4 b.2,3 c.3 d.1,2,3,4 2. Describe three patien

Medical Ethics Case Study

I need some help in looking at this case study and answering questions: You have been working in a diagnostic imaging department of a medium sized hospital for several years. Over the past several months, you have noticed that one of your co-workers has developed the following work behaviors: decreased productivity, increased

Purpose of DNR Orders

Briefly explain what you believe the premise is for establishing "Out of Hospital DNR" orders.

Medical Decision and Ethical Laws about Brain-damaged Patients

From an ethical and legal perspective, I need help answering these questions. Scenario: You are the hospital administrator and are told by your ICU unit director of a patient in the unit that has suffered serious brain damage, but is not currently meeting the criteria for complete brain death. Half of the family is insisting

Human Resources in Health Care

Please help me answer these questions. 1. Using the hospital as a setting, give two examples of what would violate the NLRA. (at least 300 words) 2. How do patients' rights come into play during a strike? (at least 300 words) 3. Discuss what questions an employer (supervisor) should consider before terminating an e

Health Care Case Management Analysis

Need a sample for the following Module. MHM505 - Introduction to Quality Assurance Module 4 - SLP Case Management The Session Long Project for this course is to evaluate and critique a health care facility you are familiar with and compare it to the general principles and standards for quality assurance presented

Contractual Law

1) Read the following case study "Contract Violates Antitrust Laws". 2) Write a paper (1,000-1,500 words) that addresses the two discussion questions and include a detailed rationale for your answers with references. CONTRACT VIOLATES ANTITRUST LAWS Case Study Citation: Oltz v. St. Peter's Community Hosp.,19 F.3d 1312 (9t


Scenario: You are the administrator on call for a local hospital and you receive a call at 2:00 a.m. from another local hospital regarding a patient with a broken upper arm. The ED physician's assistant is calling to arrange an EMTALA transfer from his hospital to yours, but the orthopedic physician on call at your hospital is r

Health Policy that has Changed Health Care Today

Identify a health policy, such as OSHA's Materials Safety Data Sheets, that has changed or affected health care today. How does this event illustrate the changes to health care? What aspect of these changes do you think improve or diminish the quality of care?

Shareholders in Business

Choose a company or an industry in which you have worked or would like to work. It could be a hospital or a physician practice. A. Identify all the important stakeholders for the entity. B. Determine the primary aims/objectives of each stakeholder. C. Assess the power of each stakeholder to affect the company's strategic pl

Pay for performance and physicians

A second major trend described in Ransom is Pay for Performance (P4P) to replace the current system of "fee for service." Should P4P be directed only or mainly toward physicians? Hospitals? Administrator? Nursing staff? What are some issues that might come up with Pay for Performance?

Ethical Organization and "Just culture"

Please provide at least 3 paragraphs. Main, compare and contrast, and conclusion. Please provide references that are not websites. In the last question listed below, pick one or the other to provide the steps in implementing either an ethical healthcare organization or a "just culture". Compare and contrast the key charact

Cultural competence assessment implementation

What information is needed as strategies for LGBT Cultural Competence focus assessment implementation and evaluation? Who needs to brought on board to implement the change? What sort of interprofessional collaboration is required? What are the key messages that each group needs to hear? What sort of preparations are needed?

Reflection on questions for Health, Policy, Law and Ethics

There has been greater emphasis on writing based upon evidence from the literature using proper APA format. The goal of this strategy is help teach students how to speak and write in such a way as to increase their professional credibility. Reflect thoughtfully and deliberately on the learning of both the content listed below.