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    Health Sciences

    Health Science, or Medical Science, is the applied practice of combining both natural and formal science to develop knowledge in public health. Health Science as a topic encompasses a variety of disciplines which range from medicine to epidemiology to healthcare management.

    By analyzing these different facets of health, studying health sciences aims to ultimately prevent injuries and premature death as well as promote good health. Furthermore, such an applied science can be used to form new technologies and interventions within the healthcare system.

    Programs in Health Sciences aim to train not only physicians, who we usually associate with the health profession, but also nurses, and physiotherapists, as well as health care administrators – who deal with optimizing the efficiency of health systems.

    Although Health Sciences is its own discipline, it draws upon concepts from other subjects such as biology for understanding pathological processes, and physics as well as engineering for the new and emerging field of biomedical innovation and technology.  Thus, the applicability of Health Sciences extends into many fields which can help improve the overall health of populations, whether it is the physical, mental or social aspects of health.

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