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    Quantitative Research Methods

    Quantitative research develops and employs mathematical models and hypotheses pertaining to phenomena. It is used social sciences such as psychology, sociology, economics and marketing, among many other disciplines. Quantitative research focuses on developing measurable outcomes using statistics.

    Scientific methods used can include: generating theories, models and hypotheses, developing methods and instruments for measurement, experimental control and manipulating variables, collecting empirical data and analyzing the data. Typically a big sample of data is used, which requires validation and verification before the analysis can take place. The main research method is the randomised controlled trial, in which participants are assigned by chance to separate groups that compare different conditions.

    Quantitative researchers study causal relationships by manipulating factors thought to influence the topic of interest while controlling other variables relevant to the experiment. Opinion surveys are another popular research method, widely used in the media. Respondents are asked a set of structured questions and their responses are categorized. An example might be the proportion of respondents in favour of a commonly reported point of view. 

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    Research: physician-assisted dying & voluntary active euthanasia

    As a provider and patient advocate, how would you approach a case where a patient has a fair prognosis in a terminal illness and choses assisted euthanasia, assuming the laws of your state allows it? What would be your initial action and what resources will you employ?

    single original studies

    I need 4 single quantitative original studies on safety helmet use in school-age population. I need the purpose, sample, design/level of evidence, finding and limitation. with a PICOT question

    Critical Appraisal of Research Studies

    What factors must be assessed when critically appraising(i.e., validity, reliability, and applicability)? Which is the most important? Why? (Please provide references to substantiate)

    Relative Risk, Odds Ratio, Multiple Regression

    1. A study is run to estimate the association between exposure to lead paint in childhood and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Data on n = 400 children are collected and data on exposure and ADHD diagnosis are shown below. Exposure to Lead Paint ADHD No ADHD Yes 34 71 No 29 266 A. Estimate the crude or u

    Weight loss and diabetes, CDC program

    A. Ms. Jones' Focus Group Ms. Jones called together ten community leaders and ten average people and asked them about the problem of type 2 in the area. They met at the local library conference room one Saturday afternoon and discussed the topic. All but three of them thought the diabetes problem needed a renewed emphasis i

    Independent, dependent, research variables in a smoking cessation study

    1. Identify, describe, and critique—conceptually and operationally—the major study variables. Examine the purpose, the objectives, questions, or hypotheses, as well as the results section of the research article. Identify and define each variable type as one of the following: a. Independent variables b. Dependent varia

    Change Model for PTSD in Military Veterans

    Choose a change model such as Roger 's Diffusion of Innovation theory to be the framework for EBP. My project is providing non-pharmacological interventions to combat veterans who suffer from PTSD. Population is both male and female combat veterans who served in Vietnam and Iraqi wars. Comparing non drug interventions with drug

    Determining scientific merit

    Summarize what criteria you would use to determine if an individual research report has scientific merit. 1. Support your statements with specific reference to readings (provide references) that examine steps to examine a research report.

    Challenges in Quantitative Methods for Heroine Use

    Please help me identify 2 sources of quantitative data that could be used for conducting a community health assessment surrounding heroin use. In addition, explain why these sources are relevant and explain 2 challenges one might face in the collection of these data sources and why. Please provide adequate references so that I m

    Family Assessment using Roy's Adaptation Model

    I have to use Roy's adaptation theoretical model to describe the process of family assessment. The article is in the link below and other references may be used for the paper. Go to the following link for the paper: http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/67673500/patient-family-nurse-intensive-care-unit-experience-roy-ad

    Parental Food Knowledge and Childhood Obesity

    The Final Project should include the following: Title Introduction A. Opening statement B. Background of the study a. Summary of the literature framing history of the project, using 5 articles related to the problem b. Gaps and/or deficiencies in prior research c. Importance of present study i. Why the study sh