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Challenges in quantitative methods for heroine use

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Please help me identify 2 sources of quantitative data that could be used for conducting a community health assessment surrounding heroin use. In addition, explain why these sources are relevant and explain 2 challenges one might face in the collection of these data sources and why. Please provide adequate references so that I may continue to build from this research

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Two sources for quantitative research data related to heroine use are numbers of users seeking

and receiving services in treatment programs within the county, through various providers, combined

with numbers arrested and charged with heroin use; and community health and lifestyle survey. The

number of heroine users receiving services or coming into contact with law enforcement provide a

snapshot of the seriousness of the problem within the community. Increases or decreases from one

year to the next, or any change in trends, might lead public health officials to change the numbers of

service providers, nursing staff, and counselors working in such ...

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The discussion focuses on quantitative data collection methods for community heroine use. Challenges and benefits of each method are also described.