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Explaining Mixed Methods Research

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Mixed methods research - what are the challenges of using mixed methods, what kind of research questions would be served by mixed methods, and why do researchers use mixed methods?

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The Social Sciences is a fascinating field of study. Immanuel Kant, the father of sociology at first sought to study the mystery of the social - that is, of humanity (the individual, the groups, the cultures they belong to, societies, civilizations) by looking through that field of study using the social sciences, taking on qualitative and quantitative approaches (mostly quantitative during his period) to explain social phenomenon. Central to sociology are the use of theories and perspectives. In the social sciences, a theory signifies a conjecture or a hypothesis arrived at using scientific methods. When we say scientific method, it means that the 'hypothesis' of the theory was tested following set rules in terms of data gathering, testing and analysis. In the ...

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The solution explains what mixed methods research is about - its importance and the perspectives, processes, theories and expected challenges that arise when researchers chose to use it. This solution is written in a concise and comprehensive manner to make it easy to digest and understand. The solution follows the APA-format, a word version is attached for easy printing. References are provided.

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Area of interest is: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

1. Explain how and why you might use a mixed methods approach for a research study in this area of interest (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Detail which of the six strategies (sequential explanatory, sequential exploratory, sequential transformative, concurrent triangulation, concurrent nested, concurrent transformative) you would you choose and why.

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