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    Oct 2007
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    • MPhil/PhD (IP), Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, 2020
    • MA, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, 2008
    • Certificate, Geva Ulpan (via Universita Tel Aviv), 2003


    • Psychology
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    About Xenia Rochelle Jones

    I have been with Brainmass since 2007. I have studied & worked across Asia-Pacific in my interest to get to know the cultures that populate this wonderful Earth. For the last 8 years, I have been based in Europe, living between Germany and The UK, taking up my MA (Soc Sci) with an English University. My current studies and interests encompass the following research areas - ethnography, forensic psychology, sociology, critical social sciences, human geography, social theory, discourse and visual culture. I am aiming to gain a PhD in the Social Sciences with my research focused on Identities. I view my work with Brainmass as a chance to share what I have experienced & learned, to help you gain that 'extra' to get you through tough spots. If I can be of any assistance, I'd be happy to help.

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    Everything You Need to Know About The Basics of Ethnography

    This book has been written for students who are just beginning to study or have initial familiarity with Ethnography as a social research method. People with a general interest in ethnography, social science research and cultural studies will also find this book useful. Written to introduce what d READ MORE »


    Religion, Ethics, and Socialization

    In this video lecture, Academic Expert Xenia Rochelle Jones wraps up her sociology series with an exploration of the relationship between religion, ethics, and socialization. Xenia begins with a section on why people often turn to religion. The lecture then turns to analyzing some the traditions of READ MORE »

    Discourse and Socialization

    In this video lecture, Academic Expert Xenia Rochelle Jones continues her series on sociology by exploring the relationship between discourse and socialization. The fundamental concept Xenia explores is the importance of language, which is a necessary requirement that must be in place for any sort o READ MORE »

    Culture and Socialization

    In this video lecture, Academic Expert Xenia Rochelle Jones narrows her series on sociology to the fundamental relationship between culture and socialization. She illustrates and analyzes the various layers of culture, including specific culture, sub-culture, and culture universals. Language, norms, READ MORE »

    An Overview of Socialization

    In this video lecture, Academic Expert Xenia Rochelle Jones introduces her series of lectures on the academic discipline of sociology. This primary video set is used largely to introduce some of the key concepts in the field of sociology, such as culture, language, and social groups. She proceeds to READ MORE »

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    Early Civilizations Matrix

    Please help. I need to complete an extensive early civilizations matrix from Prehistory to the time of the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and Juadeo Christians. Its a little complicated for me and assistance will be greatly appreciated. The task is as follows:

    For each civilization (see the list), not READ MORE »

    History / Ancient History » 229779

    Evolution of Formal Organizations

    Please help me so I can complete the following:

    Review the following scenario: You work for a formal organization in the United States that has an open, flexible organizational structure as described in Figure 5-5 on p. 126 in the text. You have a relative, Micah, who works for a formal organizat READ MORE »

    Sociology / Theoretical Framework » 164527

    Reliability and Validity

    Describe observation and measurement as they relate to human services research.

    Refer to Ch. 4 and 5 of Beginning Behavioral Research and
    address each of the following points:

    o Define and describe the types of reliability. Provide examples of these types of reliability as they apply to hu READ MORE »

    Sociology / Theoretical Framework » 310488

    The effect of sociological theories on social institutions.

    Please help me with the following.

    Select one social institution (family, health-care, religion, education, mass media, political, or economic) as defined in the text. Using the Sociological theories of (Functionalism, Conflict, and Interactionism), evaluate the impact of each theory on the selec READ MORE »

    Sociology / Theoretical Framework » 334136
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