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    Art, Music, and Creative Writing

    Art, music and creative writing are three different art forms which allow for expression. Expression can be either personal or group-related. Furthermore, this type of expression can be as diverse as making a statement about culture to a comment on nature or politics. When it comes to art forms, people are free to express what they feel in a multitude of ways.

    Art, in the sense we are discussing here, is referring to the visual arts. This involves expression through paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture and film-making, to note only some examples. Visual art is also very personal in that individuals have different tastes in terms of what they interpret to be beautiful and meaningful.

    Contrary to visual art, music is considered to be more of a performance-based art. Again, just like with the visual arts, individuals tend to have varying tastes in music. Music is very diverse in its genres, from classical music to pop culture based music to rock and roll. Additionally, drama, acting and theatre are also considered to be performance-based arts along with music.

    Creative writing, in comparison to art and music, is considered a literary art form. In literature creative writing can be expressed in a variety of forms which includes poetry, novels, short stories and songs, among other things.

    Evidently, art, music and creative writing all act as mediums through which individuals can express themselves. Often, these forms of expression are appreciated by other individuals and thus, this encourages the sharing of these pieces of work. 



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    Fine art is a specific type of art form which is thought to be more aesthetics based, in comparison to other art genres.

    Creative Writing

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    Creative writing is a form of artistic expression which is classified as literary art.