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    Engineering is the application of science to solve practical problems. Engineers consider economic, social, and financial aspects before they design or construct any structure or system. Engineering has a range of specialized fields that deal with specific areas in science. These disciplines can have more emphasis on certain aspects of the industry. Engineered effects are used everywhere in society. Bridges and structures are engineered by civil and geological engineers whereas a cell phone is designed by an electrical or computer engineer. These disciplines are discussed in further detail below. An engineer must be licensed with the status of a professional engineer in order to sign off on documents.

    Engineers will apply mathematics and science concepts to find practical solutions to problems. Mathematics and science concepts are constantly changing, therefore engineers must have knowledge of new and relevant technologies and concepts for their disciplines. Engineers create appropriate mathematical models of problems which allow them to analyze and test potential solutions in a simulator.

    Engineering rely on collaborations from all disciplines for projects. The majority of engineering problems are restricted by financial concerns. These financial institutions can include a company, a set of investors or the government. Engineering is bound by society. In engineering, there is a triple bottom line, protect the public, protect the environment, and finance.

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    Geological engineering is the application of the geologic sciences to engineering practice.