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    Transport Engineering

    Transport engineering is the study of principles to the planning, operation and management for any mode of transportation to provide compatible movement of people and goods.Planning transport engineering involves urban planning. Forecasting traffic involves a computer model, requiring the estimation of trip generation, mode choice and route assignment. 

    Transportation engineering mainly involves planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of transportation facilities. The facilities support air, highway, railroad pipeline, water and space transportation. The design aspect of transport engineering includes the sizing of transportation facilities, determining the materials and thickness used in pavement designing the geometry of the roadway. 

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    Find depth of water flow in Rectangular channel

    Water is flowing in a rectangular channel whose width is 5m. The depth of flow is 2m and the discharge is 25m3/sec. Determine: (a) Depth of flow at a point downstream where the width of the channel increases to 5.5 m (b) Depth of flow at a point downstream where the width of the channel decreases to 4.75 m (c) At what widt

    Photovoltaic array

    Under insolation conditions of 500 W/m^2 (direct sunlight), and 10% solar cell efficiency (defined as the ratio of electrical output power to incident solar power), calculate the area required for a photovoltaic array capable of running a vehicle at 20 hp.

    Traction and Total Resistance

    Would you please help me with the following question: A 90 tonne rear dump truck travels on an 8% grade loose gravel road. Determine the traction and total resistance i. On the way up when the truck is loaded ii. On the way up if the truck is empty For the following conditions: * Rolling resistance factor = 100 kg/tonn

    Transportation Network

    A power generator at a dam can send 300 megawatts to substation 1, can send 200 megawatts to substation 2, and can send 250 megawatts to substation 2. In addition, substation 2 can send 100 megawatts to substation 1 and 70 megawatts to substation 3. Substation 1 can send at most 280 megawatts to the distribution center, and subs

    Energy Transfer in Mechanical Systems

    A wheel is 800mm in diamiter and has a mass of 1000kg. on a horizontal surface without skidding, the vehicle accelerates uniformly at 0.5m/s^2 for 5 seconds. calculate the showings of all your workings to find the combined linear and kinetic energy of the wheel after the period of acceleration.

    Centripetal Force in Centrifugal Clutches and Vehicle Stability

    (See attachment for full description). 1. a) What variable factors affect the size of the centripetal acceleration for a body moving in a curved path? b) What additional variable factor affects the centripetal force causing the acceleration? c) Write down the two formulas for centripetal (or centrifugal) force which you m

    Mechanical Engineering Dynamics

    A 3000 lb car rests on a horizontal street out of gas with its brakes locked. Find the magnitude of the force P, required by the person pushing the vehicle to give the car an acceleration of 1 ft./s^2. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the car and the street is (.25). Thank You!

    Potential Flow Theory and Transportation

    I need some help with these three problems: (see attached file for better symbol representation) Problem 1 a) Show that an elliptical cylinder is obtained when a circle of radius "a" in the "z" plane is transformed conformally into the "" plane using Assuming irrotation

    The probability

    A young engineer has invented holographic mobile phones and has approached a venture capital company to invest in it. The venture capital company considers the product to be an all or nothing product: either everyone will want one because everyone else has one or no one will want one because there will be no one to use it with.

    Light-Voice Controlling System

    We are planning to design a new light-voice controlling system. The voices will basically coordinate the crossing of a road by blind people. Suppose the crossing will be operated by two coordinated systems: a light system and a voice system. The light controlling system is an ordinary set of traffic lights intended for vehicles,