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    Geoinformatics is the science and technology which develops and uses information science infrastructure to address the problems of geography, geoscience and related branches of engineering. It is the science and technology that deals with the structure and character of spatial information. Geoinformatics is known as the art, science or technology dealing with the acquisition, storage, processing production, presentation and dissemination of geo-information.

    Geomatics is a similarly used term which encompasses geoinformatics but geomatics focuses more on surveying. Geoinformatics has its core with technologies supporting the processes of acquiring, analyzing and visualizing spatial data. It relies upon the theory and practical implications of geodesy.

    Geoinformatics combines geospatial analysis and modeling, development of geospatial databases, information system design, human-computer interaction and both wired and wireless networking technologies. It uses geocomputation and geovisualization for analysing geoinformation.

    There are many fields of study that utilize geoinformatics. These fields include urban planning, in-car navigation systems, public health, environmental modeling, military, agriculture, meteorology and climate change. Geoinformatics is a very important technology to decision-makers across a wide range of disciplines.

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