Ethics & Morals

Ethics and morals both relate to what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. More specifically, ethics refers to the series of rules provided to an individual by an external source while morals refer to an individual’s own principles regarding right and wrong. In other words, ethics are practically conceived, and shared principles and morals are abstract, subjective, and often religion-based (1).

There are not many college courses taught on morals whereas classes in ethics are required for many degrees such as business, medicine, and law.




Categories within Ethics & Morals

Ethics Matrix

I need assistance with the attached matrix, which is on the following ethical theories. I want specific information in points, therefore, please ensure you are thoroughly familiar with each of these theories. Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Confucian Role Ethics Act utilitarianism Role utilitarianism Care Ethics Categor

The Life of Pi- analysis of repeated phrases

Discuss the idea of "the better story" and "the dry yeastless factuality" that Pi refers to so often in his story. How might this come into play when considering Pi's two versions of his story? I need a guide line about how to develop this topic.

Feminist Ethics

What additional perspectives do women bring to our understanding of ethics? How might attention to these concerns alter our conception of virtue? Can feminist insights be incorporated effectively at the level of individual decision making, or does their impact require fundamental changes in the social and political environment?

Ethical theories: Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, and Mill

What makes right actions right and wrong actions wrong? Our readings for this week have defended three kinds of answers to this question: the normative theories of deontological, teleological, and virtue ethics. Which of these theories provides the best foundation for our ethical values? In defending your choice, you may certain

Making Moral Decisions

Now, let us think about the great ethical theories in a different way—how productively can they be applied to our daily lives? When faced with the need to make a moral decision, should we take into account the fulfillment of our own character, or the performance of dutiful action, or the most likely consequences? Practical que

Question of ethics under oath

QUESTION: You are an expert security software programmer who works in top secret for the national government of the country of Zulu. Late on afternoon, you come across an ominous email in which you learn that a small group of sinister government officials from Zulu plan-in exactly one hour-to unleash a nuclear attack on the nei

Moral Responsibility

Under what conditions can human beings be held morally responsible for what they do? If our actions are determined by other influences, does that get us off the hook, or should we accept responsibility even in cases where we could not have done otherwise? Practical examples are excellent tools for exploring our intuitions o

Religious and Philosophical Compatibility

Are religion and philosophy compatible with each other? Do faith and reason have to be kept in isolated compartments of our lives, or can we engage in both ways of thinking about ultimate questions? To answer these questions, you will want to offer clear definitions of what religious faith and philosophical reasoning comprise an

The Concept of Suffering

In this assignment, you will explore the philosophical significance of the presence of evil in our lives. Begin by describing a specific situation in which a human being suffers needless pain. You are welcome to select an example from your own experiences, but you may find it easier to think about the issue objectively if you in

Imagery and Communication in Poetry & Prose

1. Examine the poetries and demonstrate how its imagery helps communicate its general theme. I am looking for support on how each key image contributes to the poem's total effect. (Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" & William Blake's "The Tiger") 2. LIT1000 Introduction to Literature - Unit Test—Drama—Hamlet Answer 5 amon

Chauvinism in A&P, The Chrysanthemums and The Story of an Hour

Please help me form an analysis of the chauvinistic male characters in the following short stories: 1. A&P by John Updike ( 2. The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck ( 3. The Story of An Hour by Kate Chopin (http://www.vcu

Ethics and terrorism

I have to write 3 more of these short papers. I have already written 2 and did very poorly on them. Can you help me with them? This one is on terrorism: Consider the question that Waller uses as the title for Chapter 20 of his book: "Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified?" Summarize the main arguments for why terrorism CANNOT be

Ethics and Same Sex Marriage

Can you please help me decide how to compose this paper? The paper will be concerning one of the issues of this seminar: same sex marriage. The layout has to be as follows: 1. Introductory paragraph. 2. Summarize the theological voluntarist approach concerning same sex marriage. 3. Summarize the non-objectivist approach c

Homosexuality & Pornography Ethics Discussion

Hi, I only need about a hundred words for each question with one reference each. 1. In Chapter 18 of Waller, (Waller, B.N. (2011) Consider Ethics. 3rd ed. ISBN: 978-0205017737) you will find two arguments regarding Homosexual Sex. (Finnis works to articulate that Homosexuality is wrong) Please use one of the arguments to com

Is it ethically justified to create designer babies?

I really need help with my term paper. The topic is: Is it ethically justified to create designer babies? I have attached my annotated bibliography and the assignment. Please help, I am not doing well in the class and I need to get all the points on this assignment to pass the class. I need to make sure to focus on the des

Teaching ethics

Do you think ethics can be taught? Explain your answer, making sure to substantiate your reasoning. please provide references

Reckless accountability

Should people be held equally accountable for acts that are reckless as for acts that are deliberate?

Philosophy and Social Justice

Identify some of the features and values you associate with a just society. For example, does it include access to quality education, basic healthcare, and housing? How involved should the national government be with local issues and personal decisions about healthcare and other issues? Is the opportunity for economic equality i

Discussing Socrates's Conclusion on Man's Evil Nature, or Lack Thereof

What do you think of Socrates' conclusion that no person knowingly does evil, and therefore, all evil is ignorance? Do you agree or disagree, and why? If you disagree, please identify at least one logical fallacy. If people accepted that all evil is ignorance, what implications would that have on the justice system? How would

Approving loans regardless of background

Suppose you were a loan officer for a bank. The leaders in the organization have encouraged all loan officers to approve loans regardless of income or credit background. If you predict that people will not be able to make the payments and are likely to eventually lose the property, would approving this loan violate your personal

Death in the Old vs. New Testaments

Name 4 key points that are important for understanding death in the Old Testament. What changes in the New Testament with respect to the idea of death? Is this in continuity with old? In what ways is it alike and or unlike the Old Testament view of death?

Theories of death

What does Plato mean by immortality? What is the relationship of the mind and the body? How is Christianity's views of death similar and different from Plato's views? In what ways is Plato's position like and unlike that of Buddhism? Is the Buddhist position closer to Epicurus or Plato? Explain.

Justifying Beliefs

PART A Most people have views that are strongly influenced and informed by philosophy, often without realizing it. Discuss the following: 1. Identify a view you have - whether on politics, religion, science, culture, or even the media and entertainment - that might be regarded as being related to philosophy. 2. What kind of r

The Case of Mattel: Virtue Ethics Review

Find and read the following journal article to help you form a solution: Sethi, S., Veral, E., Shapiro, H., & Emelianova, O.. (2011). Mattel, Inc.: Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) - A Life-Cycle Analysis of a Company-Based Code of Conduct in the Toy Industry. Journal of Business Ethics, 99(4), 483-517. While the Sethi

WorldCom Ethics

Using the reference, text in the web links: I need to write a critical res

A Country's Obligation

Case: You are a member of the country Eggonia's grand council on ethics. The country has been giving charge of deciding whether or not your country's citizen are morally obligated to send famine relief to the neighboring country of Furesia. In centuries past both countries have had thriving economies that were based on small eg

Determining Ideal Ways of Life

Ideals and values come into conflict despite our best intentions whenever people from different walks of life come together. Do we want to impose a particular form of life in order to ensure universally shared values? Or do we want to find a way to celebrate the differences that distinguish us and that make dialogue between

Recognizing Uncritical Thinking

Assume you are a new police chief of a department with a history of bias against protected groups (e.g., minorities, gays, and women), addressing the entire police force. As the new chief you state: "We cannot think critically if we use bias." Discuss this statement.