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Ethics & Morals

Ethics and morals both relate to what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. More specifically, ethics refers to the series of rules provided to an individual by an external source while morals refer to an individual’s own principles regarding right and wrong. In other words, ethics are practically conceived, and shared principles and morals are abstract, subjective, and often religion-based (1).

There are not many college courses taught on morals whereas classes in ethics are required for many degrees such as business, medicine, and law.




Categories within Ethics & Morals

Gift-Giving Ethics Across Cultures

You are an account executive with a multinational financial firm, and one of your biggest accounts is that of a shipping magnate in Greece. Several months after you have arranged very complex financing to build a new fleet of oil tankers for this customer, he asks if you and your wife would attend the christening of the first ta

Ethics of Cheap Foreign Labor ("Sweatshops")

Discuss the ethics of cheap foreign labor (i.e. using sweatshops or child labor) which is illegal here in the US but takes place in other countries that US companies outsource to.

Foreign Clientele Ethics

If you received a position where you dealt with clients from several other foreign countries, what steps would you take to be prepared for possible ethical dilemmas that might arise? Provide examples There is diversity training provided by most employers' internet, books, documentaries, or cultural courses offered by universi

Cross-Cultural Business - Power Distance & Individualism/Collectivism

I am planning to do business in a culture opposite to my own on the cultural dimensions of "power distance". Being an American, I would have a lower power distance and would value individualism. Titles, status, and formality are important in societies with high power distance and people with high status are given much leewa

Nietzsche and Employment Law

It is a great help knowing that I'm on the right track with the first 3 that I said in my earlier post. You gave me some insight into the HR person involved in helping Rummel write the harassment complaint. As I said in an earlier post when I first read I thought that Tannebaum and O'Brien were just following protocol but the

Hostile Workplace Philosophy

I believe that Michael Mercieca at work was a deontological ethical system. When Lori wanted him to get involved with her "boyfriend issues." He honestly told her it made him feel uncomfortable. Lori Aulds, I believe was acting on a virtue ethics system focuses more on the integrity of the moral actor (the person) than on th

Interpersonal Activity Ethics

What about the activities and actions listed in the title. Are they ethical? If no, what is the theory and why. If yes, what is the theory and why?

Thinking About Business in Moral and Legal Terms

Steven F. Goldstone, Chairman and CEO of RJR Nabisco (one of four biggest U.S. cigarette manufacturers), said in a magazine interview, "I have no moral view of this business. . . I viewed it as a legal business. You shouldn't be drawing a moral judgment about a business our country says is perfectly legal and is taxed like craz

Separate Lifestyle Ethics

What ethical system do you think Forrest Hayes operated under when he spent time with Alex Tichelman? ( Google Exec that died while with prostitute ( See What ethical system do you think he would have used to explain his actions to his wif

Employee Ethics

What is the responsibility of an employee regarding reporting perceived unethical conduct by another employee to management? Cite specific examples.

Kant's ethical theory?

Identify at least two arguments, both for and against, Kant's ethical theory. Please include examples. Thanks.

Voting Law and Discrimination

Understand what intentional discrimination is which consist of unjust or predjudicail treatment of people based on race, gender, and age. Does today's legislation impact the verification of voter identification, would this fall under unintentional or intentional discrimination? Explain? Does one's personal ethical perspective

Utilitarian vs. Hedonist Thought

How does the theory of Utilitarianism differ from Hedonism? Why did the theory gain popularity in social and political theory? Give 2 arguments for and against Utilitarianism. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Utilitarianism? Give examples.

Plato, The POTUS, and The Virtuous Soul

What would constitute a virtuous soul? Provide an answer by evaluating the behavior of the POTUS referencing the prisoner swap. Below is a link to an article that might help:

Egoism: Four Types

What is the critical difference between group egoism and individual and the difference between ethical egoism and psychological egoism and provide an example for each.

J.S. Mill and Trayvon Martin

I have a good answer but I am just curious to know your view. Also, how would it work in this situation? Would it really be helpful as a moral guide in this situation? What are the pros and cons of using the "Harm Principle" as a moral guide in this case?

Golden Mean and Zimmerman

How would the Golden Mean provide helpful guidance to ethical behavior with regards to the Trayvon Martin Trial?

Kant and Omelas

I googled and watched online the short story "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" and I am having difficulty with applying Kants catergorial imperatives with regard to this story and I need help with my perceptions and understanding his views as it pertains to the above questions. Thanks so much!

Kantian Personhood

I would like help understanding this question. I simply don't grasp it from reading the book. Thanks How does Kant distinguish between persons and things? Are there any areas of ambiguity that this dichotomy fails to address?

Kant's Views and Prisoner Swap

With regards to the American prisoner swap, for the release of the five Taliban prisoners what would Kant have to really say about not using rations persons as tools or would this even be applicable.

Plato's Tripartite Soul

According to Plato, what are the parts of the soul? How are these parts related in a virtuous individual? How would they interact in a less-than-virtuous individual?

Study of Character Traits Contributing to Happiness

The study of various character traits that can contribute to, or obstruct, a happy and meaningful human life is part of __________. A. Kantian tradition B. virtue ethics C. principle-based ethics D. utilitarianism

Jobs Advert, Cover Letter and CV for LPN (Sample)

Select an LPN position opening from a current advertisement in a newspaper, nursing journal, internet, or health care facility website. Explain how to Write a cover letter specific to the LPN position being applied for in the advertisement.

The Life of Pi- analysis of repeated phrases

Discuss the idea of "the better story" and "the dry yeastless factuality" that Pi refers to so often in his story. How might this come into play when considering Pi's two versions of his story? I need a guide line about how to develop this topic.

Feminist Ethics

What additional perspectives do women bring to our understanding of ethics? How might attention to these concerns alter our conception of virtue? Can feminist insights be incorporated effectively at the level of individual decision making, or does their impact require fundamental changes in the social and political environment?