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Religious and Philosophical Compatibility

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Are religion and philosophy compatible with each other? Do faith and reason have to be kept in isolated compartments of our lives, or can we engage in both ways of thinking about ultimate questions? To answer these questions, you will want to offer clear definitions of what religious faith and philosophical reasoning comprise and then show how they can—or why they cannot—be reconciled.

The issues we are thinking about this week are ones with which many of us struggle for a lifetime. Let us take advantage of this friendly environment to try out alternative positions, exploring their implications without expecting to arrive immediately at our final views.

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As you may have guessed for this question, the key is in the definitions you set out. It is possible for someone to both define "faith" and "reason" in opposing ways, or in compatible ways. ...

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Religious and philosophical compatibility are examined. The implications without expecting to arrive immediately at our final views are given.

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