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    Cartesian Method and Deity

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    How does Rene Descartes go about trying to decide what he (and therefore we) can know for certain?
    Descartes admits that he cannot be sure that God is not playing some sort of trick on him. So because he believes that God is good, he knows that God would not deliberately deceive him?

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    Descartes goes about his philosophical business by a method we now call "Cartesian" precisely because he originated the concept of elimination by doubt. In other words, he reasoned that if he can doubt something, it must not be have an independent existence. Take his own argument's example of the senses. When he goes through the discussion of reasoning that his senses can be wrong as little as one time, he surmises that the physical senses can therefore be wrong (theoretically) all of the time and thus are not worthy of trust. The senses can be ...

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    The primary Cartesian Method of elimination by doubt is explained in some detail, with relevant cultural religious context for further understanding both the argument and the writings themselves. 367 words.