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Cartesian vs. Newtonian Methodology

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Compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the methodology of Descartes and Isaac Newton.

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Cartesian vs. Newtonian Methodology

The Cartesian method is based on the ideas of Enlightenment philosopher & scientist Rene Descartes especially via his work 'Meditations'. As a way of interrogating reality, he follows what he deems are important procedures which he learned from his mathematical training - what is true is what cannot be doubted to be otherwise, to attack a question, one has to divide it into manageable parts, to do so one must start from the simplest to the most complex and a constant review must be undertaken to ensure that the entire argument is taken into account, always. As a Mathematician, Descartes was ...

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The solution is a concise 490-word discussion of the specific attributes and comparative differences between Cartesian and Newtonian research methodology. References are listed for expansion. A word version is attached for easy printing.

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