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Descartes' Demon Argument

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Explain the role of the demon argument in the First Meditation.
â?¢ Explain the source of justification that the demon argument is intended to
â?¢ Explain how the possibility that there is a demon seems to undermine that source
of justification, and why nothing else would be able to undermine that source.

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Cartesian Daemon

In Rene Descartes' first 'Meditations', his purpose was to explore and prove that by thinking, by doubt, he is. He famously wrote - 'cogito ergo sum' - which means I think therefore I am. Because by doubting, by criticizing all that he sees feels and experiences via the senses, he is meditating on their validity, their reality, their being. But he is also very much aware that the sense can deceive the mind so easily for they do not paint the full picture of what is out there even if they are the only gateway from which ...

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The solution is a 533-word discussion that discusses the demon argument from in Rene Descartes' first 'Meditations' work. What this work was for and the use of the demon argument is taken up to justify existence, being and divinity (existence of god). This solution is a basic introduction to the work of Rene Descartes. Further references are listed if the student wants more sources of study for the topic.