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The Religious Elements in the Film 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

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I'm not sure if I have answered the question. Are there any religious questions portrayed in the film? I mean, I know that to kill a "mockingbird" is a sin but are there any other references. Please take a look at my outline. I need some direction. Thank you

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This solution provides insights into the religious and/or philosophical issues portrayed in the film 'To Kill a Mockingbird' through discussion and examples from the film.

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I will answer your questions in the order that you presented them.

1. "I'm not sure if I have answered the question."

There are five parts to this assignment. The first, second, and fifth parts are fairly well down (see suggestions in bold black print). The third part asks you to how the questions put forth in the second part "played out" in the film. This third part needs to be expanded to about one and half pages and I have provided suggestions of how to do this (see attachment). The fourth point was absent so I added it and, then, made some specific suggestions. The fifth part was very well written. Overall, you are on the right track and have made some very good points.

2. "Are there any religious questions portrayed in the ...

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