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To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird
I need help with the following:

1) Which character moves at a faster rate and why? Is it Jem whom Scout feels is outgrowing her and Dill and playtime to an extent, or Scout who is becoming wise beyond her years, as shown when she speaks to Mr. Cunningham outside the jail to talk the men out of lynching Tom Robinson.

2) What are some examples of Jem and Scout moving in those aspects (aforementioned)?

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As you assess which character moves at a faster rate and why, I personally believe that it is Jem. As you then offer some examples of moving in those aspects, I see him as the embodiment of a flat character who turns round for many reasons. You might also talk in static to dynamic terms.

First of all, you might note that Jem's life lessons immediate trigger the plot events with his broken arm. Although Scout is vital as the narrator and direct ...

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