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    The Mechanics of Citations II

    Students will learn about the mechanics of citations.


    To set off material in a long quote, start on a new line, indent one inch from the left margin, and type the quotation single-spaced.


    Readers will expect you to provide an interpretation of the assigned readings, which means that you will not only summarize the material, but synthesize it as well, until it becomes your own contribution.


    MLA stands for Martin Luther Association.


    It is necessary to cite the access and post date for Internet sources.


    When introducing a quotation, you should signal to the reader why you are using the quotation, by means of a lead-in consisting of a preposition or a prepositional phrase, such as 'claims,' or 'convincingly shows,' or 'admits.'


    If the writer is not known, treat the government and the agency as the author.