Issues in Health Care Delivery

Healthcare Delivery Issues include any obstacles in the practice of health care delivery. For example, the doctor shortage is a major issue in Canada, which leads to a myriad of downstream repercussions, such as longer waiting times. According to the Canadian Medical Association, 4-5 million people still do not have a family physician.¹ In Ontario, although the Ontario Health Budget has practically doubled in the past decade, Canadian health care still falls short of needs; many individuals attribute it to a health care system plagued by too much bureaucracy.

In Montreal, a woman died after waiting four days in the ER. Although it may be the most extreme out of all the cases, it represents the importance of effective and efficient health care delivery. Even though there has been a significant improvement in wait times, cases like these still persist.

Thus, with the burden of insufficient health care in delivery, the shift has been to emphasize good health rather than health care. With this being said, in terms of supply, Canada has top doctors and top nurses, with only the delivery of this health care being second-rate. Thus, studying Healthcare Issues as well as Healthcare Management aims to ultimately promote a system which is first rate.


1. Gratzer, D. (2010). Canadian health care falls short of what we deserve. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved from:

Categories within Issues in Health Care Delivery

Health in Rural Communities

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Rural Community Health refers to the physical, mental and social wellbeing of rural communities.

Health in Diverse Populations

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Diverse Population Health refers to the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals living within a diverse population.

Health Science Questions

1. Why are controlled substances more heavily regulated than other types of medications? Who regulates controlled substances? 2. Why is privacy such an important issue in healthcare and the field of pharmacy? How does HIPAA protect a patient's privacy? 3. When processing and outpatient prescription what information do yo

World Health Organization

I need help answering this question: Visit the WHO Web site: and locate the list of all countries that are current WHO members. Identify one country that spends a relatively small amount of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare and one that spends a larger amount. These facts will

Health care Insurance

Based on your readings and research, answer the following: -Discuss the process by which the patient in the case study is referred through the healthcare system from primary care to tertiary care and rehabilitation. What parts of this process works well and what can been improved? -What is the significance of the patient's

Future of Public Health and the Wealthy

Very wealthy or influential public figures (such as Bill Clinton and Bill Gates) have become major funders in the global health arena, providing millions to developing countries and/or international organizations. How do you think this will influence the future of public health? What benefits and challenges may develop?

National Public Health Standards

Concentrating on the following public health standard: Mobilize Community Partnerships to Identify and Solve Health Problems, please help me explain in detail, the strengths of this standard in addition to one potential improvement as a result of this standard. also, are there any barriers to applying these standards o

Combating Compassion Fatigue Discussion

Identify the warning signs for at least five concepts of compassion fatigue. Present the nature of the problems and their causes. Explain the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the caregiver. Finally, give examples of coping strategies and resources you can use to help you, the caregiver.

Utilization Management in Healthcare

MHM505 - Introduction to Quality Assurance Module 3 - SLP Utilization Management Introduction Background Information Case assignment Session Long Project Objectives The Session Long Project for this course is to evaluate and critique a health care facility you are familiar with and compare it to the general princ

Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare

MHM505 - Introduction to Quality Assurance Quality Management Methods Discuss a facility's Continuous Quality Improvement program. A comparison will be made between the subject facility's program and that of a model facility or discuss whether the facility adheres to the recognized standard for a CQI program. A discussio

Compassion Fatigue as Stress Disorder

How often do you find yourself on the edge of compassion fatigue (with your family, your friends, your coworkers, your patients, your clients)? Do you think they can read it in your face? What can you do to be sure you have the emotional reserves to do what you need to do? How often do you find yourself on the edge of compass

Home & Community Based Care Preferable to Long-Term Institutional Care

•Consider the following statement: "Home- and community-based care is increasingly being viewed as a preferable alternative to long-term institutional care, not only for the individual who may remain among friends and family, but also for the state, because services may be provided for less than the cost of institutional care"

The Future of Nursing

In a reflection of 450-600 words, explain how you see yourself fitting into the following IOM Future of Nursing recommendations: Recommendation 4: Increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020. Recommendation 5: Double the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020. Recommendation 6: Ensure tha

Vaccinations for Children

Need help explaining three advantages (social, ethical, environmental, or economic) Of using communication to solve the problem of how to get parents to vaccinate their children. Please support the response with academic sources. Thank you

Maintaining Healthcare Quality While Reducing Costs

In recent attempts to curb health care costs, efforts to cut expensive tests, hospital stays, and referrals to specialists have been utilized. What are your thoughts about whether high-quality patient care and controlled costs can live in harmony? Explain the rationale underlying your position. I need a paragraph to help m

Biotechnological Failures

Search of media reports on apparent strategic failures in the health care or biotechnology industries (e.g. divestment of a business, layoff of a large proportion of the workforce, very large losses over several years). Pick one of the failure stories for which a substantial amount of information is available. Attempt to dete

Evolution of Nursing as a Practice

As the country focuses on the restructure of the U.S. health care delivery system, nurses will continue to play an important role. It is expected that more and more nursing jobs will become available out in the community, and less will be available in acute care hospitals. Write a speech of 500-700 words to educate nurses abo

Strengthening and Improving Medicare

On April 9, 2003 the U.S. congressional Subcommittee on Health (part of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce) heard testimony from various witnesses on the topic "Strengthening and Improving Medicare." Since that time, the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA ) was passed to extend the life of Medicare programming. Part of

Physicians are in short supply throughout most of the developing world. Barefoot Doctors answers the question "how do we take care of the underserved in a compassionate, quality manner?"

THE QUESTION How to ensure that isolated populations receive NECESSARY medical assistance, with an adequate supply of dietary supplements that improve nutritional outcomes of these populations? The question I am addressing is composed of two parts. The first is to ensure that isolated populations receive quality health care. Th

Sources and Resolution of Conflict

Share three examples of conflict that you have experienced (or can think of) in a project. Also, discuss how you would attempt to resolve those conflicts if you were the project manager. Please provide a reference that is not a website. Thank you.

Payback Period and Average Rate of Return

Refer to the following Web page, which has an example of another project selection method called the weighted scoring model: Unlike the payback period and the average rate of return, this method considers non-financial criteria as well. Besides the criteria given

Analyzing Health History and Discharge Orders

Sallie Mae Fisher Health History: Ms. Fisher is an 82-year-old female with a history of chronic congestive heart failure (CHF), atrial fibrillation, and hypertension. During the last 6 months, she has been hospitalized four times for exacerbation of her CHF. She was discharged home last Saturday from the hospital after a 3-day

The greatest good for the greatest number

If we accept the premise that resources available to meet the costs of health care are finite, and that continuing to increase dollars allocated for health care carries costs for the nation and society, discuss your position on "As national policy, should we allocate a set level of resources and apply them to achieving the grea

Email a friend describing health care

Imagine that you are writing an email to a family member or a friend who is interested in pursuing a career within health care. This person is unfamiliar with the health care field and is asking you for more information. Write a 350- to 700-word email to your family member or friend in which you describe health care accordin

Health care coverage options

If an individual is layed off from work, what are their options for health care coverage and why? I need to know where to find scholarly citations for this topic also.

Health Care Quality

Informing the consumer about health care might improve quality. This includes making the consumer more aware of, and more responsible for the payment of, healthcare costs. (Co Pays were initially a way of doing this.) Do you agree? Disagree? What are some pros and cons of encouraging this approach? Might cost-consciousne

Pay for performance and physicians

A second major trend described in Ransom is Pay for Performance (P4P) to replace the current system of "fee for service." Should P4P be directed only or mainly toward physicians? Hospitals? Administrator? Nursing staff? What are some issues that might come up with Pay for Performance?

Cultural competence assessment implementation

What information is needed as strategies for LGBT Cultural Competence focus assessment implementation and evaluation? Who needs to brought on board to implement the change? What sort of interprofessional collaboration is required? What are the key messages that each group needs to hear? What sort of preparations are needed?

Health care competence evidence-based project implementation

Strategies for health care cultural competence evidence-based project implementation and evaluation plan Who needs to be brought on board to implement the change? What sought of interprofessional collaboration is required? What are the key messages that each group need to hear? What sort of prepara

RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposal) presentations

In an entry titled "RFI/RFP Reflection," reflect on the RFI/RFP process. Explain the purpose and benefits of developing a RFI/RFP in detail, the purpose of the documents that support the process, and what you have learned from developing a RFI/RFP. Please provide at least 3 paragraphs and provide references that are not websi

Forces Changing Healthcare

How each of the 17 variables in the four categories would have an effect on the structure and function of the U.S. health care system if the listed variable grew better/higher or diminished/declined. Forces that cause change: 1. Economics b. Wealth c. Financial security d. Economic stability e. Inflation rate f. Unemployme