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    Near end of life decisions

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    Select an ACHE Ethical Policy Statement to review. what is the issue or dilemma that the statement addresses? Synopsize the association's policy position

    Source: ACHE ethical policy statements: American College of Healthcare Executives. Retrieved from http://www.ache.org/policy/index_ethics.cfm

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    "Decisions near the end of life" http://www.ache.org/policy/endoflif.cfm

    The Ethical Dilemma regarding near death decisions stems from:
    1. Changes that have enabled health care professionals to predict life expectancy with a greater degree of accuracy than previously possible.
    * Staging of cancer or other known conditions along with predictable outcomes and time lines of treated vs untreated disease are now well documented and can be much more accurately predicted.
    2. A wider array of options available to "treat" life threatening conditions.
    * Options may include known therapy or experimental
    * Options may be curative of that process or palliative
    * Experience with outcomes of different options allows caregivers to outline reasonable expectations for most courses of action.
    3. A fundamental ...

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    Overview of the key components of ethical dilemma and a breakdown of the various aspects of policy.