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    Voluntary Euthanasia

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    Define the various forms of euthanasia.
    Describe the key ethical arguments for and against the practice of voluntary euthanasia.
    Explain what you see as the stronger arguments for or against voluntary euthanasia.
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    Euthanasia can be defined in several different ways. Withdrawal, active, withholding, involuntary and voluntary are among the different kinds of euthanasia practices. Assisted suicide gets a lot of attention as does "death by cop."

    Withdrawal is to turn off life support or other means of support to allow a person to die. Withholding keeps medicines that are used to keep a person alive from them. Involuntary is where medication is given, but the medication is known to speed death or overdoses are supplied to terminal patients. Assisted suicide is the act of actively ...

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    Voluntary euthanasia is explained and discussed focusing on key ethical arguments, including its pros and cons - arguments for and against it.