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    Controversial health issue: euthanasia

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    Consider euthanasia as a controversial issue in the health care profession. Describe it and discuss it.

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    Euthanasia is derived from the Greek words meaning " good death." Such a topic is very controversial in health care and health science. The controversial has two issues. One issue is that the question of whether it is moral or justifiable to take one's life away even though that person is suffering. The other side of the coins is that taking the life will ease the person's suffering and pain, which is why euthanasia means "good death." In its common definition, euthanasia is the process of terminating the life of the people that are suffering one painful and terminal diseases. Euthanasia has several meaning in that it can be voluntary meaning that the ill person can take his own life by taking a lethal dose of certain medication. The act of euthanasia can be involuntary because an ill person can receives life termination from another person. The act of euthanasia can also be active when a substance is given to the person and causes death or passive when the person is deprived of antibiotics or oxygen mask leading to death. Active euthanasia is prohibited, which lead to controversial issues about euthanasia in health care and among physicians.
    Currently, euthanasia has created two groups of opposers and defenders on the right to die. There are the right to die activists who is supporting euthanasia because they believe that a "good death" is more pleasing than the suffering and pain of coping with the illness. Another ...

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    Euthanasia is very controversial in the health care system. The "right to die" must be carefully examined before any action can be taken. Life is precious and must be consider carefully before ending one's own life.