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    Discussing Assisted Euthanasia

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    Hi, I need some assistance discussing the following (just want some ideas):
    - What are the ethical implications in the scenario of the Terry Schiavo Documentary?
    - What response should be given to the patient and family in response to their request for assisted euthanasia?
    - What are some ethical implications and obligations to one's profession and work as a nurse?
    - Laws regarding this topic?
    - Stakeholders involved?

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    Terry Schiavo was diagnosed in a persistent vegetative state, meaning that she is conscious, but not aware. Her husband was petitioning for removal of the feeding tube and treatment, while her parents were insisting that since she was conscious that life-saving measures could not be removed. Ethically, euthanasia has always been a complicated and controversial issue. Some oppose euthanasia because it is knowingly ending another's life, which some might say is always wrong. However, others would not see this case as taking another's life, since without any awareness or ability to respond to her environment, was Terry ...

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    This solution discusses the ethical and legal implications of euthanasia, using the Terry Schiavo case as an example.