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    Ethical Dilemma Solution

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    question: In your interview ask about the individual's(neighbor/friend) philosophy and worldview in relation to the ethical dilemma of voluntary/Assisted Euthanasia.
    Craft a 250-500 word summary of the individual's(neighbor/friend) response, including the individual's(neighbor/friend) identified philsophy and worldview.

    Please note 1: You are to conduct an interview about the ethical dilemma with a neighbor/friend.

    Note 2: in the solution please note that the individual in the question is the neighbor/friend
    Note 3: please give me the references that you used in this work. Thank you.

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    Below please find a summation of an interview with a friend about their philosophy and worldview with respect to the ethical dilemma of voluntay/assistaed Euthanasia.
    The solution is in point form and touches issues of social, professional and legal nature.
    References used have been included for your further consult.
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    Ethical Dilemma Solution

    Assisted suicide provides a person an option to die in dignity and still preserve self autonomy
    Euthanasia," from the Greek words meaning "good death," is something we do or fail to do which causes, or is intended to cause, death, in order to remove a person from suffering. This is sometimes called "mercy killing."

    Ethical dilemmas are situations where values, principles or moral imperatives come into conflict
    The following is a summation of the interview I had with a friend about their philosophy and world view in relation to the ethical dilemma of voluntary/Assisted Euthanasia.
    1. ME: I would like to get your philosophy as well as your world view on the issue of voluntary/assisted Euthanasia. Just to bring us ...

    Solution Summary

    Euthanasia is a very topical issue with stong arguments from both sides of the debate.
    This solution presents opinions from a friend's position on euthanasia for use to craft a 250-500 word summary.
    The position has been aproached from social, professional, religious and legal viewpoints.
    References have been provided for further in depth analysis by the student in order to enrich the essay.