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    Van Hoose & Paradise's Ethical Theory Slideshow

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    I need assistance on the major elements of W.H. Van Hoose and L.V. Paradise's ethical theory. I need to present 2-3 Power Point Slides on this particular subject. (Only the major elements) Thanks in advance for any help given.

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    Dear Student,
    It's been awhile since I assisted you. I know that you familiarize yourself with the subject matter - in this case, the work of Van Hoose & Paradise in ethical decision making. Therefore, to assist you, I have created a guide to create 3 pages PowerPoint slides that you'd need. Remember that this is only a sample - you have to readapt it to your own version to make it plagiarism-free. Good Luck!

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    Text: Ethical & Moral Decision Making

    In Counselling, professionals and practitioners have struggled with the questions of morality and ethics as their profession as well as responsibilities developed and evolved over them. Moral and ethical decision making is not just a necessity that must be practiced - it is expected especially when an individual is in a position to decide in behalf of society (judges, lawyers, people in law enforcement), for the welfare and well-being of others (counselors, health care practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists) and as an influential member/leader of a social group (politicians, legislators, parish priests, leaders, managers in the ...

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    The solution is a guide in putting together 3 slides for a PowerPoint presentation the major elements of W.H. Van Hoose and L.V. Paradise's 'ethical theory'. The solution provides detailed advise in putting together the 3 major slides - how they should be presented, suggested text content per slide (including explanation of the history, application and relevance of the theory in counseling) and information lay-out to ensure the best possible manner by which to 'roll out' ideas and concepts in a slideshow to explain and present the theory in question. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy download and printing.