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Mark Van Vugt article "An Evolutionary Analysis of Leaders"

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Just a write up on Mark Van Vugt article about "An Evolutionary Analysis of Leadership" Please add a question that I could ask the class in the write up from the Mark paragraph.

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//Leadership, followership and evaluation practices play an important role in boosting the performance of various employees and the productivity level of the organization. Through this paper, we have analyzed the leadership theory from the evolutionary point of view, and three conclusions have been derived that are not the part of the conventional wisdom perspective.//

The topic of this article is 'Leadership, Followership and Evolution,' which is being written by Mark Van Vugt, Robert Hogan, and Robert B. Kaiser. This article highlights the theory of leadership that acts as a motivating factor for the different ...

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The expert writes up an article on Mark Van Bugts article about "An Evolution Analysis of Leadership." The response addresses the query posted in 405 words with APA references.

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