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    Disaster Planning Options for a Small Store Front

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    Your swimwear shop is a block from Fort Lauderdale Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL. You lease the location, which offers merchandise floor space and storage. Your business is quite profitable as the location serves tourists. Your supplier is located in Miami, FL and delivery is via truck. Your 20 employees are local residents. Several are full-time. Your shop is open 10am to 9pm. It's hurricane season. Develop your catastrophic and recovery plan to mitigate losses. From a risk management perspective, how do you prepare for a hurricane? Be specific. Include the intended outcomes and contingencies.

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    Disaster preparation for a swimwear shop on Ft. Lauderdale Beach must include logistics, customer access, and facilities operation. A hurricane may prevent customers from visiting the store, even if it suffers little to no physical damage. However, tourism may also be negatively affected for weeks, after a major storm. The key is in continuing operations, by developing a contingency plan to offer swimwear products in another location. The supplier is located in Miami, which is likely to be affected by the storm as well. With all the processes and inputs required to keep the business profitable, contingency planning is a necessity.

    However, contingency planning does not occur at once. It can be done in steps, with the most important aspects of the business addressed first (Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, nd). But, it must be done in advance, so all members of the organization know what is expected, when a disaster does occur. In order to achieve business continuity, planning should consider the steps needed to restore business functions and the resources necessary to continue. Inclusion of members of the organization will depend on willingness and ability to be flexible, as alternative arrangements may be very different from current arrangements.

    The first step is to identify an alternative facility. The new location may or may not need as much space for storage, if it is used only as a temporary place of business. However, clean up after a hurricane can take several weeks. The space should be suitable for displaying swimwear and accessories, as well as to store several weeks of inventory. It should also be located far enough away from the effects of the hurricane, for customers to easily find and access the store. Moving to another trendy coastal ...

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