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Jul 2010
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  • MEd, Jones International University, 2010
  • BSc, DeVry University, 2007
  • MPH, Walden University, In Progress


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About Beatrice Martino

Beatrice Martino has been an Academic Expert with BrainMass since July 2010. She received her BSc from Devry University in 2007 and her MEd from Jones International University in 2010. Beatrice covers a broad range of academic subjects for BrainMass, including Business, Education, Anatomy, and Sociology. She has a 90% overall Expert Rating on, and as of this eBook being published she has answer over 700 custom help solutions for students, which can all be found in the Prepared Answers section of

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Everything You Need to Know About eCommerce for Non-Profits

This eBook is a guide to how nonprofit organizations can utilize the principles of eCommerce to improve business processes within their organizations. The focus of the book is on the various forms of eCommerce available to nonprofit organizations and how each may be applicable for a specific busines READ MORE »

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Negligence Defenses in Law Cases

Douglas Margreiter was severely injured in New Orleans on the night of April 6, 1976. He was the chief of the pharmacy section of the Colorado Department of Social Services and was in New Orleans to attend the annual meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association. On Tuesday evening, April 6, Mr READ MORE »

Business / Business Management » 356320

Cases: Creating, Implementing, and using Business Intelligence

See the attached file.
"Lessons to be learned from the Clinic and Resort cases about creating, implementing, and using business intelligence"
Business Intelligence is a complex socio-technical innovation, so thinking about the question in socio-technical terms is likely to be of some value to you READ MORE »

Business / Management Information Systems » 434687

Patient Confidentiality in Data Capture for Marketing

Identify two ways that healthcare organizations perform marketing related data capture that do not violate any regulatory stipulations. Analyze and how these might change in the future and why.

Health Sciences / Health Care Management / Marketing in Health Care » 328969

Out Town Photography Proposal for an e-CRM system

See attached file.

Write a proposal for an e-CRM system. The proposal should include the following:

Create a basic overview of the advantages of an e-CRM system and why Our Town Photography would benefit from such a system.

List the specific data would you to store in your system (Be crea READ MORE »

Business / E-Commerce » 405499

People Management Fiasco in Honda Motorcycles

See attached case file.

1) People Management Fiasco in Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India Ltd. case study.

Address the following:

a) Discuss the key factors that led to the breakdown of the industrial relations at Honda.

b) How did the managers contribute to the situation?


Business / Business Management » 408592
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