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Patient Confidentiality in Data Capture for Marketing

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Identify two ways that healthcare organizations perform marketing related data capture that do not violate any regulatory stipulations. Analyze and how these might change in the future and why.

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This document explains two methods of data capture that can be used for marketing purposes in healthcare, that do not violate patient confidentiality. The key in gathering data is to consider the types of data being obtained and how to protect the most personal data that identifies a patient. The discussion also includes some examples of the types of data that can be collected that do not violate confidentiality and that do not utilize the types of personal information that identify a specific patient. 280 words.

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Two ways health care organizations can perform marketing related data capture are through longitudinal de-identified data analysis across a system, specialty or another specific forum of health care and through health care market analysis . Collecting longitudinal can be done by giving health care consumers within that forum a questionnaire to complete, which does not include the patient name or identifying data. The researcher may ask for ...

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