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Health Care Management

Healthcare Management refers to the management of issues in healthcare, particularly those in healthcare delivery. Although it is usually categorized under Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Management can be considered a separate topic, as it may refer to the leadership and general management of healthcare systems which facilitate the delivery of healthcare. The role of management in these systems is overlooking and making sure that specific outcomes occur, and that their operation is running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

In most countries, Healthcare Management refers to an area of study with a professional designation. In order to get involved with management, one must obtain a degree in healthcare administration from either a business school or from a school of public health. Although one can study healthcare management in an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, the standard credential in North America is for one to obtain a Master’s degree in the field before transition into the job market.

In North America, there are establishments and professional organizations related to health systems management. These include the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. Thus, it can be seen Healthcare Management is extremely important as it ensures that healthcare systems work towards the common goal of efficient healthcare delivery.

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Categories within Health Care Management

Marketing in Health Care

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Healthcare Marketing refers to the implementation of marketing principles to public health areas, such as prevention and health promotion.

Program Planning

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Program planning refers to the design of programs/policies for disease prevention and health promotion.

Leadership in Health Organizations

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Leadership in Health Organizations refers to leadership and management of healthcare systems which facilitate the delivery of healthcare.

The Baldrige Program

The Baldrige Program seeks to improve the performance of U.S. organizations with a supreme customer focus. To that end, the Baldrige Program recognizes those institutions and organizations that demonstrate enhanced competitiveness and adopt commitment to quality and enhanced performance while delivering practices that are "best

Process Improvement

Week 3 Assignment Applying Methods of Process Improvement to Improve Productivity Consider the following scenario: Terry is a senior histology lab technician at a large urban hospital. He is responsible for overseeing a team of six junior technicians to process samples for testing. Recently, the hospital has introduced a new

Health Services Organizations

As a current or future health care administrator, what types of information are necessary to determine the need for an improvement initiative within an HSO? How might a health care administrator use this information to propose an improvement initiative for an HSO? Planning, designing, and implementing improvement initiatives in

Leadership Roles for Improvement Initiatives in Health Services Organizations

Leadership Roles for Improvement Initiatives in Health Services Organizations Consider the following scenario: Rene is a health care administrator who works for an HSO in a large urban area. Because she was previously a health care provider, Rene is sensitive to the need for health care delivery that also promotes patient safe

Managerial Behavior Highest Standard of Performance

Managerial Behavior This week, you will engage in a discussion about managerial behavior and ways to bring about the highest standards of performance. Think about your personal attributes and how you can capitalize on those attributes in management responsibilities. The Washington Post article "Top Ten Management Mistakes" a

Variables and Management Relationship Variables

Assignment: Variables, Measurement, and SPSS Quantitative research consists of testing and understanding relationships between variables. Researchers construct these variables as measureable expressions of social phenomena. Modern statistics provides you with a host of resources to answer questions, but each statistical test ha

the health care environment factor

Give brief description of the health care environment factor that you selected, and explain why you selected it. Then, explain how this health care environment factor is challenging the systems management approaches in your HSO or an HSO with which you are familiar. Be specific and provide examples.

Sampling and Collecting Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Discussion: Sampling and Collecting Quantitative and Qualitative Data It is often not possible or practical to study an entire population, so researchers draw samples from which they make inferences about a population of interest. In quantitative research, where generalization to a population is typically valued, a researcher's

Alignment and Social Change

Discussion: Alignment and Social Change In the context of research, alignment and social change will be important topics to return to as you prepare for the next courses in the research sequence and continue your development as a scholar-practitioner. Consider, for example, what criteria are used in your discipline to evaluate

Positive Social Change in Healthcare

For your Final Project, share some of your ideas on how you can use the knowledge and insights gained in this course to promote positive social change in your community and the world. To prepare for the Final Project, review all the week's Learning Resources and consider possible issues you might encounter when implementing a

Globalization of Healthcare

The Globalization of Health Cell phones, video cameras, and other technologies are changing the way we live today. It is difficult to avoid the stories and images of poverty, human rights abuses, disasters, diseases, and other tragedies that plague people in rich and poor countries alike. It is not just communications tech

Crisis management models and theories, and applications

There are many models, theories and applications for crisis management. Some of these include: 1. A Crisis Management Model 2. Business Continuity Planning 3. Crisis Emergency Management Planning 4. Crisis Leadership 5. Contingency Planning 6. Diffusion of innovation theory 7. Integrated Risk Management (IRM) 8. Roles o

Qualitative Research Design

Post an explanation of two criteria for evaluating the quality of qualitative research designs. Next, explain how these criteria are tied to epistemological and ontological assumptions underlying philosophical orientations and the standards of your discipline. Then, identify a potential ethical issue in qualitative research and

Health Policy and Evaluation

Appended to Karen Davis' oral testimony is a set of 24 insightful exhibits that are loaded with Medicare information. please interpret, assess, cite, and debate the Medicare reform implications of the facts and figures from this set of 24 exhibits.

Government interest groups, bureaucracy and patient protection

What are some of the major interest groups that influence the decision-making process when it comes to health policy? Do you think that they should have access to "Direct Lobbying?" Is this process enhancing or finishing the governments Bureaucratic behavior?

Home Healthcare research paper

I need to develop a platform that includes a fully core purpose/thesis statement about home healthcare research project, plus a 5 - 7 specific research questions. First, create a full core purpose/thesis statement of about home healthcare with sufficient depth and breadth to serve as an overarching, central purpose for a sign

Legislative and Political Processes

What were some of the distinguishing features of the Congresses and political landscapes in the 1965, 1981, 1993, and 2009 time periods? How did these features enable, impede, or influence health policy developments?

Experience and the Edge in the Health Care Job Market

Before you begin this discussion, review the presentation: Today's Job Market: Job Descriptions and What Employers Want.. Discussion your experience and observations of today's job market and what employers are looking for with their applicants. As you begin to apply for positions, describe how you plan to obtain lette

Critique of Qualitative Research Study

Critique a qualitative research study and write a summary using the Research Article Evaluation Tool for quantitative research studies. Attached is the evaluation tool in which the paper in which must be critiqued is attached as well. You can pretty much use a local New Jersey (fake) hospital to apply the review areas to that

USNORTHCOM and Hurricane Sandy

The U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) was established Oct. 1, 2002 to provide command and control of Department of Defense (DOD) homeland defense efforts and to coordinate defense support of civil authorities. 1. For an event such as Hurricane Sandy, what capabilities did U.S. military forces bring? 2. What were some specifi

Decision Support Applications

Decision Support Applications Investigate clinical decision support applications and provide a summary of at least two of the applications that you find. Please provide facts about each of the applications and answer the following questions: 1. What does the application do? 2. How does the application

healthcare information systems in internet

Find two healthcare information systems described or demonstrated on the internet. Briefly illustrate each system. Make a list of the features the systems have in common. What are the features that differ? For which types of facilities are the systems designed? Would these internet sites be helpful to an organization investigati

Planning for Hurricane Sandy

Analyze the strategic planning timeline for Hurricane Sandy, emphasizing those efforts for providing life sustaining resources to victims of the disaster. 1. How the steps taken effectively in ensuring supplies and materials were available to victims? 2. How were the steps taken ineffectively? 3. What single action that was

Interview with head of healthcare unit Supply Chain Management

Within the healthcare organization exists a form of supply chain management. Create a fake interview in which you interview a healthcare manager that participates in the overall day to day function of the supply chain management system. I need to start a powerpoint but need at least 15 slides to get me going on this 50 slide pr

Healthcare Info Systems Management

I have been asked by my health care organization to provide a detailed report on the benefits of implementing a new health information technology system to comply with the current mandates. Develop a 6 page report detailing with how information technology systems can be used to analyze organizational data for a health care organ

Process Improvement Tools

Several process improvement tools have been reviewed including Six Sigma, TQM, and Lean. Which process improvement tool will have the greatest effect on improving processes in your organization? Provide specific examples. Create a fake organization and use a tool which will have the greatest effect.

USA Health legislation

Identify a federal law or regulation that impacts health care organizations (other than HIPAA). What is the reason for this law or regulation? What is its goal? Who benefits from it?