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Health Care Management

Healthcare Management refers to the management of issues in healthcare, particularly those in healthcare delivery. Although it is usually categorized under Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Management can be considered a separate topic, as it may refer to the leadership and general management of healthcare systems which facilitate the delivery of healthcare. The role of management in these systems is overlooking and making sure that specific outcomes occur, and that their operation is running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

In most countries, Healthcare Management refers to an area of study with a professional designation. In order to get involved with management, one must obtain a degree in healthcare administration from either a business school or from a school of public health. Although one can study healthcare management in an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, the standard credential in North America is for one to obtain a Master’s degree in the field before transition into the job market.

In North America, there are establishments and professional organizations related to health systems management. These include the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. Thus, it can be seen Healthcare Management is extremely important as it ensures that healthcare systems work towards the common goal of efficient healthcare delivery.

Categories within Health Care Management

Marketing in Health Care

Postings: 113

Healthcare Marketing refers to the implementation of marketing principles to public health areas, such as prevention and health promotion.

Program Planning

Postings: 63

Program planning refers to the design of programs/policies for disease prevention and health promotion.

Leadership in Health Organizations

Postings: 99

Leadership in Health Organizations refers to leadership and management of healthcare systems which facilitate the delivery of healthcare.

Health Policy and Evaluation

Appended to Karen Davis' oral testimony is a set of 24 insightful exhibits that are loaded with Medicare information. please interpret, assess, cite, and debate the Medicare reform implications of the facts and figures from this set of 24 exhibits.

Government interest groups, bureaucracy and patient protection

What are some of the major interest groups that influence the decision-making process when it comes to health policy? Do you think that they should have access to "Direct Lobbying?" Is this process enhancing or finishing the governments Bureaucratic behavior?

Home Healthcare research paper

I need to develop a platform that includes a fully core purpose/thesis statement about home healthcare research project, plus a 5 - 7 specific research questions. First, create a full core purpose/thesis statement of about home healthcare with sufficient depth and breadth to serve as an overarching, central purpose for a sign

Legislative and Political Processes

What were some of the distinguishing features of the Congresses and political landscapes in the 1965, 1981, 1993, and 2009 time periods? How did these features enable, impede, or influence health policy developments?

Experience and the Edge in the Health Care Job Market

Before you begin this discussion, review the presentation: Today's Job Market: Job Descriptions and What Employers Want.. Discussion your experience and observations of today's job market and what employers are looking for with their applicants. As you begin to apply for positions, describe how you plan to obtain lette

Critique of Qualitative Research Study

Critique a qualitative research study and write a summary using the Research Article Evaluation Tool for quantitative research studies. Attached is the evaluation tool in which the paper in which must be critiqued is attached as well. You can pretty much use a local New Jersey (fake) hospital to apply the review areas to that

USNORTHCOM and Hurricane Sandy

The U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) was established Oct. 1, 2002 to provide command and control of Department of Defense (DOD) homeland defense efforts and to coordinate defense support of civil authorities. 1. For an event such as Hurricane Sandy, what capabilities did U.S. military forces bring? 2. What were some specifi

Decision Support Applications

Decision Support Applications Investigate clinical decision support applications and provide a summary of at least two of the applications that you find. Please provide facts about each of the applications and answer the following questions: 1. What does the application do? 2. How does the application

healthcare information systems in internet

Find two healthcare information systems described or demonstrated on the internet. Briefly illustrate each system. Make a list of the features the systems have in common. What are the features that differ? For which types of facilities are the systems designed? Would these internet sites be helpful to an organization investigati

Planning for Hurricane Sandy

Analyze the strategic planning timeline for Hurricane Sandy, emphasizing those efforts for providing life sustaining resources to victims of the disaster. 1. How the steps taken effectively in ensuring supplies and materials were available to victims? 2. How were the steps taken ineffectively? 3. What single action that was

Interview with head of healthcare unit Supply Chain Management

Within the healthcare organization exists a form of supply chain management. Create a fake interview in which you interview a healthcare manager that participates in the overall day to day function of the supply chain management system. I need to start a powerpoint but need at least 15 slides to get me going on this 50 slide pr

Healthcare Info Systems Management

I have been asked by my health care organization to provide a detailed report on the benefits of implementing a new health information technology system to comply with the current mandates. Develop a 6 page report detailing with how information technology systems can be used to analyze organizational data for a health care organ

Process Improvement Tools

Several process improvement tools have been reviewed including Six Sigma, TQM, and Lean. Which process improvement tool will have the greatest effect on improving processes in your organization? Provide specific examples. Create a fake organization and use a tool which will have the greatest effect.

USA Health legislation

Identify a federal law or regulation that impacts health care organizations (other than HIPAA). What is the reason for this law or regulation? What is its goal? Who benefits from it?

Benchmarking in Quality Management

Benchmarking is a component of assessing quality management. Discuss how a fake organization utilizes benchmarks to meet organizational metrics. Using a fake balanced scorecard, assess your organizations goals with the established benchmarks. Do they appear to be aligned? What must occur to allow your organization to

The DMAIC Process in Health care

create a DMAIC process for a healthcare project in which is also known as a project charter. Define the project. What makes your project suitable for DMAIC analysis? Measures Include how they were ascertained. Include appropriate and relative metrics Analyze data to determine the root causes and how to improve the outcom


Develop a strategy map and balanced scorecard for your department or healthcare organization. Use your knowledge of the current state of the organization and impending threats or trends to develop a strategy map for success in this environment. Make sure the strategy map includes at least eight initiatives. If you have acce

Ethical Dilemmas Models

What are the ethical theories that support making a treatment decision for a patient even when he or she does not want treatment?

Technology and Social Change

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word essay on technology and social change, covering the following: Provide an introduction that defines both technology and social change, and discusses how they are related. Discuss the impact of the personal computer, cellular phones, and the Internet on society. Using the three major sociological

Financial Terms in Health Care

- write each term's definition as used in health care management. You must define the term in your own words. - after each term's definition, summarize a health care management scenario that illustrates the importance of the skill, concept, procedure, or tool that the term refers to in 125 to 150 words. In the scenario, you may

Emergency Management

With the emerging threat of a bioterrorist attack on communities in the United States there has been much discussion by leaders in emergency management as to whether or not the model taught for preparing for emergencies needs to be changed. Some EM leaders argue that the model does not require any fundamental changes while other

Jesse Ventura on Homeland Security

Jesse Ventura on Homeland Security: *"Are we ready for martial law? I think we are, because everybody's sitting back and watching our freedoms being taken away. Guess what? The terrorists are winning because our country has changed in the last decade, and not for the good. We're a country that's now living in fear and so are

information-sharing mix-up

1.(Boston Globe, 24APR13): *A federal audit ... warned there was a "high risk" that the government's information-sharing system would not prevent a terror attack, raising questions about whether a communications breakdown allowed the Boston Marathon bomb plot to evolve undetected and its perpetrators to elude quick capture. 2.U

NRF and Vulnerability

Vulnerability is becoming a focal problem, especially with the increase use of drones and the real probability of drone hijacking by hackers. In the field of construction, vulnerability is defined as a measure of the susceptibility of an element or combination of elements to fail once they are exposed to potentially damaging

Homeland Security/ Airports

1.What is the current status of airport and aviation security in terminals and in flight? Provide example(s) of any latest incident. Did the terminal have to shut down and flights delayed? 2.Where would you think are the weak points of security in airports? Would they be at parking lots, terminals, and tarmacs? Please provide

National Response Framework

1.How would the NRF work in conjunction with the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF)? 2.It is said, the NRF "is always in effect, and elements can be implemented at any time." What does that mean? 3.Comment on whether the Incident Commander (IC) has a code of ethics and whether he or she needs one. 4.Would a concrete,

hypothetical interview of HR manager

I need help writing a hypothetical interview of HR manager and outline analysis of home health care business. First, write hypothetical Interview analysis of HR professional (like Mr. John Doe, HR manager) about home health care, then provide a written summary of that interview (like details on the HR professional you interv