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    EHR: QA & Patient Protection in Health Care Information

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    What would happen if all health care organizations were required to adopt an electronic health record system? How would this affect efficiency, privacy, data storage, ease of record access, and cost?

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    What would happen if all health care organizations were required to adopt an EHR system? Efficiency, privacy, data storage, ease of access and cost.

    The answer is fairly straight forward since that mandate has already happened and there are many blogs and articles being written about the current situation where the Federal Government is now requiring EHR for all health care providers in order to get paid with any type of Federal Funding.

    In summary:
    * Larger organizations can do this easier than smaller ones so many smaller offices and providers are teaming up to make the implementation less costly.
    * The requirement means certified software that meets specified standards and the cost and efficiency varies greatly.
    * It means updating or purchasing new computers and storage.
    * It means training for staff and providers.
    * It means finding a way to involve and communicate with patients and is a challenge for older patients who are not tech savvy. Especially since one of the requirements is that patients must have access to their records and understand how to challenge erroneous data or add important data.
    * It involves decisions on how updates for ...

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    The age of electronic health records is now the norm for healthcare providers in the US. There are multiple advantages but there are also many challenges for the vast numbers of healthcare providers and software programs designed to fill this mandate. The change to EHR involves both provider and patient understanding and learning. Critical to the success of this mandate are the issues of financial return and security.