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Discuss the use of queries in an EHR.

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Discuss the use of queries in an EHR. Give an example of:
- a query that you would use as a continuous tool in an EHR and
- a query that you would use for an infrequent question.

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An EHR database is a storehouse of clinical data which is commonly understood by health professionals. IT professionals working in a health environment spend considerable amount of time to understand the linkages and relationships between the insurmountable types of medical data and are usually adept in using structured query languages to query the relevant databases. The health professionals usually do not have expertise in querying as it requires SQL skills. A combinatory effort between a health professional and an IT professional make querying useful in an EHR to search and provide effective information discovery. Whether it's for the purposes of building application modules or developing backend reports on medical records, querying EHR databases is essential to improve the quality and ...

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This solution describes the use of queries in an EHR.