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Database management system and design strategies for an EHR

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If you were building an EHR, discuss the database management system you would use. Give an explanation of the design strategies used.

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Electronic Health Record Storage and Processing Marketing Plan Outline

For this assignment, you must submit a draft of your chosen marketing plan in which you discuss a basic marketing plan to bring the new product/service you created to the attention of the public. For full credit, you must address the following in your draft:

Briefly discuss the new product/service you created with 2000 words or more.
Please include references and a Table of Contents
Discuss a basic marketing plan to bring the new product/service to the attention of the public.
Explain how the marketing plan will help the new product/service be successful.
Give researched information on the industry and market.
Discuss what specific avenues would be used to get the word out to potential customers.
Discuss the mediums you would use, their costs, and so forth.
Please use original material and references.

You will find a better explanation of what is required, please reference these documents for further details.


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