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In a word full of sensitive emails and digital banking information, good computer security is of paramount importance. The term 'computer security' is generally used as a blanket term for several subsections of digital security legal practices like internet law and computer forensics, network security concerns like authentication, security interests to do with secrecy like data encryption and cryptography and also the more business-orientated aspects of security like information risk management and information systems. Governments may also the term to include things that computers are used to protect against or give warning of, such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

It is obvious now that security architecture is an important field of study. It requires the architect to be constantly on their toes, effectively thinking of ways to outsmart everyone in the world with access and malicious intent as well as guarding the system from honest yet destructive mistakes (the latter of which are resoundingly more common). One must think like an experienced software designer and a completely new user at the same time. This is especially important in operating system design as every home computer, used by technophobes and those with computer science PHDs alike uses one. Technology from the 1980s led to some of the most impenetrable OS builds ever, yet the changes in system management they required were not widely understood and so these marvels of security only enjoy specific, limited use today. Security architecture has hardware aspects too, as one must position controls that promote confidentiality, integrity, assurance and accountability while still remaining available for widespread use. 

One must understand that different situations require different degrees of security as well. In an ideal world, everything would be locked with cutting-edge security like that used in multinational corporations and military operations, yet in reality, one must always balance the benefits with the cost.

Categories within Security

Computer Forensics

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Computer forensics is a branch of digital forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers.

Information Risk Management

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Information risk management is an information system that assists in consolidating property values, claims, policy, and exposure information and provide the tracking and management reporting capabilities.

Network Security

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Network Security is the provision and policies of network administration to prevent unauthorized access.


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Authentication is the act of confirming the truth of an attribute of an entity.

Data Encryption

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Data Encryption Standard is a previously predominant algorithm for the encryption of electronic data.

Information Systems

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Information systems is the study of complementary networks of hardware and software.


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The science and art of creating and breaking codes, now almost exclusively computerized

Cyber security, offense vs. defense

Defense cyber strategy: We can and will hit back, by Amber Corrin, C4&ISR Networks, Jul 1 2015 Cybersecurity: The Best Defense is a Good Offense, by Taylor Schlacter, May 8, 2015

Economic Considerations of Information Security and Management

What are the economic considerations of information security and its management? Furthermore, it should also answer/discuss the following questions in the reference paper: Discuss the following issues, and support with arguments and evidence: •What are the major economic considerations in information security and manage

Public Key Cryptography

*I need 1 page of reference material or information that explains what public key cryptography is and discusses the associated pros and cons. *I need 1 page of reference material or information that discusses the pros and cons of solving security via technology. *I need 1 page of reference material or information that d

Future of IT Professionals

Where will the computing profession be in 10 years, 25 years, 50 years? Will it be different than it is today? In what ways? Which jobs are likely to change?

Acceptable Use Policy

What should be considered in an Acceptable Use Policy? What should be allowed as acceptable behavior when using corporate information resources?

Business Value of Enterprise Systems

Discuss the business value of enterprise systems. How can they be used to make the management of the supply chain more effective? (500-750 words with references)

Global IS Management

What are some of the global IS management challenges that face IS leaders today?

Pivot Table Record In Excel

Create a pivot table, an active surveillance, in Excel to identify adverse events related to flu vaccine. I need to come up with a background information, indicate the goals of the surveillance and data management then decide what information you need to have in order to do the surveillance then create a worksheet using a Pivot

Computer Science

1.) Discuss any of the internetworking equipment that you have experience with and the advantages and disadvantages of them. 2.) Discuss the impact of Global Intellectual Property Law upon the Telecommunication industry and upon businesses. Does it have a positive impact or none at all?

Critiquing a case (Self Analysis of a Computer Forensics Case)

After a computer forensics investigation, you need to meet with your department or group of fellow investigators and critique the case in an effort to improve your work. Describe how to make a self-evaluation of your work by answering the following questions and write a report: 1. How could you improve your performance in t

Project Code, Project Name, Completion Date Access

Please answer the following questions below. Phil has been asked to create a database for his company. The database is to track employees and the projects on which the employees work. A project can have between 3 and 7 employees assigned to it. He has determined that he needs the following tables: Employee (Social Securit

Communicating News to Project Stakeholders

The general approach is to encourage timely communication of news (positive or negative) to project stakeholders. However, can you envisage situations where it may be necessary, or even advantageous, for project management to suppress the dissemination of negative/bad news relating to the project?

RBS top-down approach for project risk categorization

'Risk Breakdown Structures' (RBS) utilize a top-down approach for identifying and categorizing project risks, and this is generally viewed as a sound technique. Can you think of situations where the RBS approach would be non-ideal or inefficient?

Organizational Culture

Some attributes of a company's organizational culture are so obvious that even an independent observer (or a visitor) can feel them. Give us an example of such an observation and explain what cultural phenomenon it defines.

Leaders and Managers

One of business' contemporary principles states that organizations should move away from few top leaders and many managers to leaders at every level and few managers. What are the reasons for such a recommendation? Have you observed this process in your work environment? If not, what could be the reason?

Implement a payroll accounting spreadsheet in Excel.

You will enter in the correct Formulas or Functions needed to find out the monthly gross income for a Computer Repair Business. To view these instructions while working in Excel, print these instructions or move back and forth between your browser and Excel. 1.The Orange colored cells on the worksheet indicate places where yo

Two Primary Steps to Database Design

We explored the two primary steps to database design - conceptual design and physical design. We discussed the importance of having representatives from all key stakeholders in the conceptual design to ensure the accuracy of the design. We analyzed who should facilitate the conceptual design and create the ER diagram. Next we

Excel Formula

1.The Orange colored cells on the worksheet indicate places where you will put in the formulas and functions. 2.Calculate the total Gross Pay for each employee. Keep in mind that employees are paid time and a half for all over-time hours. Here is an example formula that demonstrates how you would make such a calculation: =b4*d4

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the different commercial IDPS' on the market and provides an understanding on the different types of systems available to protect organizational data.

Write statements to create overloaded constructor

Write the statements to create an overloaded constructor for the class named Car. The constructors should support 0, 1, or 2 arguments. The first argument will denote the engine size and contain an Integer. The default value is 360. The second argument will denote the color and should have a type of Automobile.Color. The default

Project Management- Guidelines for Project Termination

As a project manager, you are asked to facilitate a lessons learned session as part of the project termination process. How would you facilitate this session and what are some guidelines you would use? How would you incorporate and document the information gleaned from this session into future project plans and tools?

Project Implementation - Handling Customer Requests

You are in the implementation phase of a project and your customer indicates they need a specific change to the project that changes the scope of the deliverables. How would you handle this request and why? You are in the implementation phase of a project and your customer indicates they need a specific change to the proj