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    Organizational Culture

    Some attributes of a company's organizational culture are so obvious that even an independent observer (or a visitor) can feel them. Give us an example of such an observation and explain what cultural phenomenon it defines.

    Leaders and Managers

    One of business' contemporary principles states that organizations should move away from few top leaders and many managers to leaders at every level and few managers. What are the reasons for such a recommendation? Have you observed this process in your work environment? If not, what could be the reason?

    Internet Information Storage: Advantages and Drawbacks

    You would like to save the digital pictures you took on vacation onto your hard drive, but it would take up too much storage space. You have heard that you can increase your computer's storage capacity by using Internet storage. Give reasons why you would or would not use Internet storage. List at least one advantage and one

    Implement a payroll accounting spreadsheet in Excel.

    You will enter in the correct Formulas or Functions needed to find out the monthly gross income for a Computer Repair Business. To view these instructions while working in Excel, print these instructions or move back and forth between your browser and Excel. 1.The Orange colored cells on the worksheet indicate places where yo

    Two Primary Steps to Database Design

    We explored the two primary steps to database design - conceptual design and physical design. We discussed the importance of having representatives from all key stakeholders in the conceptual design to ensure the accuracy of the design. We analyzed who should facilitate the conceptual design and create the ER diagram. Next we

    Bluetooth Technology and Devices Support

    IPv6 has been hailed as the next generation of the Internet, has the adoption and deployment of IPv6 been quickly as expected? What are some issues and what is the latest? So much has been said in support of Bluetooth technology and devices. What do you see as the downside that a competitor can explore to challenge Bluetooth

    Excel Formula

    1.The Orange colored cells on the worksheet indicate places where you will put in the formulas and functions. 2.Calculate the total Gross Pay for each employee. Keep in mind that employees are paid time and a half for all over-time hours. Here is an example formula that demonstrates how you would make such a calculation: =b4*d4

    Communication: Main Points to Focus On

    Communication is valuable; a major part of this is the ability to provide management the information they need, when they need it. When reporting on project status to management, what are the main points to focus on?

    The Nets Worksheet

    The Nets Worksheet found in Appendix F, which asks you to define Internet, intranet, and extranet. Identify the key characteristics of each. Describe how each is used in a business setting. Then, read each of the four scenarios presented, and identify whether it is an intranet, extranet, or the Internet being used. See attach

    Referential integrity in tables

    Do the tables exhibit referential integrity? Answer Yes or No, and then explain your answer. Write NA (Not Applicable) if the table does not have a foreign key. TABLE REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY EXPLANATION EMPLOYEE BENEFIT JOB PLAN

    Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

    This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the different commercial IDPS' on the market and provides an understanding on the different types of systems available to protect organizational data.

    Write statements to create overloaded constructor

    Write the statements to create an overloaded constructor for the class named Car. The constructors should support 0, 1, or 2 arguments. The first argument will denote the engine size and contain an Integer. The default value is 360. The second argument will denote the color and should have a type of Automobile.Color. The default

    Estimating Resources for Projects

    Managing a project and I have an $850,000 budget. For the project,the resources include four developers and on project manager. A assume that the average workweek per person is 40 hours and that the developers earn $30 per hour while the project manager will receive $50 per hour. Without knowing the deliverables, estimate how l

    Project Management

    How might scope changes in the implementation phase affect quality, time, and budget? You are in the implementation phase of a project and your customer indicates they need a specific change to the project that changes the scope of the deliverables. How would you handle this request and why? As a project manager, you are

    Project Management- Guidelines for Project Termination

    As a project manager, you are asked to facilitate a lessons learned session as part of the project termination process. How would you facilitate this session and what are some guidelines you would use? How would you incorporate and document the information gleaned from this session into future project plans and tools?

    Project Implementation - Handling Customer Requests

    You are in the implementation phase of a project and your customer indicates they need a specific change to the project that changes the scope of the deliverables. How would you handle this request and why? You are in the implementation phase of a project and your customer indicates they need a specific change to the proj

    Queries Enter Parameter Values

    I'm not sure I follow this stuff exactly. I must be missing something. When I run the query to show below I get a little pop up box that says "Enter Parameter Value" then authors.author name I must be doing something different? Maybe? SELECT authors.author name > FROM authors > WHERE authors.author name

    Find the error(s) in the following recursive method

    Find the error(s) in the following recursive method, and explain how to correct it (them). This method should find the sum of the values from 0 to n. public int sum( int n ) { if ( n == 0 ) return 0; else return n + sum( n ); } // end method sum

    Relational schema and set of dependancy

    Write the relational schema and create a set of dependency diagrams that meet 3NF requirements. Rename attributes to meet the naming conventions and create new entities and attributes as necessary. I have attached a jpg of the table and problem I'm having trouble with number 9.

    Database report and...Switchboard

    1.Create a detail report that will display all courses in alphabetical order, with the course name and the instructor name in a group header; the Social Security number, name, and telephone number of each current student in the detail section; and the student count in a group footer. 2.Create a switchboard design with contro

    Assigning resources to a project plan

    Add the following resources to the Huffman Benefits project, and assign these resources to the appropriate sub-tasks you added in Part 1. Analyst $50.00/hour + $15.00/hour overburden Designer $40.00/hour + $12.00/hour overburden Developer $30.00/hour + $9.00/hour overburden Trainer $30.00/hour + $9.00/hour overburden


    Explains what blogs are and how they can be used in a business environment. Give two examples of how a business might use blogs. What is the difference between a blog and a wiki?

    Enhancing Worksheets

    See the attached file. 1. Melissa Gehring, manager of the Los Angeles office for First Choice Travel, has prepared a worksheet listing European destinations and the current package pricing options. Melissa has requested that you enhance the worksheet with clip art and formatting before she presents it at the next staff meeting.