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Explains what blogs are and how they can be used in a business environment. Give two examples of how a business might use blogs. What is the difference between a blog and a wiki?

Excel S3-P5

1. Melissa Gehring, manager of the Los Angeles office for First Choice Travel, has prepared a worksheet listing European destinations and the current package pricing options. Melissa has requested that you enhance the worksheet with clip art and formatting before she presents it at the next staff meeting. 2. Insert an appropria

Microsoft Excel

You are Sam Vestering, manager of North American Distribution for Worldwide Enterprises. You are preparing a projected distribution revenue schedule for Marquee Productions' latest films Two by Two, to be released February 14, 2003. Create a new workbook that will estimate Worldwide's projected revenue using the following inform

Using VBA in Exel, Open and Close an .XLS file AND End Process

Environment: Win2K, Work2000 Attached Word document has an OpenXL and a CloseXL VBA subroutine. Procedure: Open the Task Manager. Click the OPENXL and notice (in the Task Manager) that the Excel process is created. Click the CloseXL and notice(in the Task Manager) that the Excel process DOES NOT GO AWAY. [Granted,