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1. Melissa Gehring, manager of the Los Angeles office for First Choice Travel, has prepared a worksheet listing European destinations and the current package pricing options. Melissa has requested that you enhance the worksheet with clip art and formatting before she presents it at the next staff meeting.
2. Insert an appropriate clip art image at the top right of the worksheet.
3. Increase the height of row 8 to 27.00 (36 pixels)
4. Apply the following formatting attributes to the range A7:G8
11-point Times New Roman Bold
Pale blue fill color
Center align
5. Format the values in B9:G17 to Currency Style
6. If necessary, adjust column widths.
7. Apply other formatting attributes that would enhance the appearance of the remainder of the worksheet.

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1. Assignment: Criterion Development Worksheet

I/O consultants are involved in many organizational activities, including the selection of employees, human resource planning, leadership development, performance appraisal, organizational design and diagnosis, and training evaluation. In many cases, I/O consultants design systems and tools to make measurements against criteria (standards) that indicate effectiveness on the part of individuals, groups, and organizations. Selecting the right criteria or standard to measure against is critical.

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- Theoretical issues of criterion development
- Implications of the theoretical issues for selecting the most appropriate criteria

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o How the method is used
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- Visit the following Occupational Information Network Web site: http://online.onetcenter.org/. Once on the Web site, click on Find Occupations and search for a job that interests you. The job you research must be one that you have not held and are not familiar with.

- Review the Web site's information about the position.

- Interview at least one person who currently holds this position, and if possible, one supervisor who currently supervises the position.

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o Job description
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o Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required to complete tasks
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o Summary of the process you used to analyze the job
o Summary of the difficulties you encountered and what you learned
o Two other job analysis methods you could have used and the pros and cons of each

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