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    Linking between worksheets in Excel

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    I have an accounting assignment in which I have to use an Excel spreadsheet template.
    My problem is that in the spreadsheet I have been asked to LINK between the journals to the ledgers, to the Trial Balance, to the reports. What does this mean and how do you do it? I have attached the spreadsheet template I have to use for your convenience.

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    Linking means that the information you enter into one worksheet within a workbook will be the same information that will appear in other worksheets. For example, if you have depreciation on all of your worksheets as 27,000, then if you link all of the worksheets, the number will show up on all when you type in the number only on one. Then when you go back and start changing numbers you don't have to change it on all worksheets since they are linked. This also helps in calculations as it adds the information automatically when you enter it ...