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    Excel Intermediate Skills

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    A compound document within Microsoft Office usually consists of a Word document with another office-type document (i.e. Excel, PowerPoint slideshow, etc.) within the Word document. Find the definition of a compound document doing some Internet research (not Wikipedia). Also, find information about object linking and embedding.

    Please write and cite your findings about the definitions you find, then briefly explain why or why not the following items are or are not compound documents within the Microsoft Office framework (or environment):

    A. External Excel spreadsheet linked into a Word document.
    B. A web page.

    Remember to provide your answers in terms of the question so that when the answer is read, anyone will know what you are answering. You may also include the questions with the answers beneath them.

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    What is a compound document?

    When a document contains data from more than one program such as text, calendars, animations, sound, motion video files, it is a compound document.

    It is common to need a table while writing a Microsoft Word document or to need a chart while preparing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The easiest way to add one of these components is to use another program, such as Microsoft Excel, to produce the table or chart and then insert the table or chart into the original document.

    The software that creates the compound document is the container program. Any software that supplies data for the compound document is a source program. Compound documents can have multiple source programs, meaning you can create powerful combinations of information in a single file. When you master the skills of creating compound documents, you can begin thinking in terms of what information you want to include, not what information your current application lets you convey.



    What is OLE?

    OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) is Microsoft's component document technology. With OLE, it is possible to dynamically link files and applications together. An object is ...

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